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Double Walled Glasses 370ml Pack of 4 $14. Save $6. Shipping $0 to $15. Plus More @ Avancer


We've updated our website and have a special Ozbargain-only deal on our in-stock Double Walled Glasses. These make a great Father's Day gift if you still haven't got Dad anything.

Special ends midnight Wednesday or while stocks last.

Shipping costs from $7.20 for Victoria and $9 everywhere else - Save on combined shipping with a $15 shipping cap. If you buy your Glassware with any Appliance you'll get Free Shipping.
We also have Express Post available for only a few dollars more so if you need your item quickly that is the way to go.

Use the coupon code OZBARGAIN

1) Geminus Double Walled Espresso Glasses 100ml - Pack of 4
Now $8 from $11.50

2) Geminus Double Walled Glasses 370ml - Pack of 4
Now $14 from $20

3) Geminus Double Walled Glasses with Handle 220ml - Pack of 4
Now $12 from $17

4) Geminus Double Walled Glasses with Handle 400ml - Pack of 4
Now $14 from $20

5) Geminus Double Walled Glasses with Handle and Saucer 250ml - Pack of 4
Now $14 from $22.50

6) Geminus Double Walled Glasses with Saucer 80ml - Pack of 4
Now $10 from $17

7) Geminus Double Walled Jug - 1300ml
Now $18 from $26

8) Geminus Double Walled Jug - 800ml
Now $14 from $22

Let us know what you think of the new site!

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    Website looks broken/missing/failing to load css.


    Anyone know how useful an Air Fryer would be if I already have a proper fan-forced oven?


      I hear they're good from those that have them. I on sold mine after getting it and realising how big it was. They are very big and take up a lot of space.


      I have a Philips Airfryer, it's one of the best kitchen gadget I've got. You can stick in most frozen food in there and airfry it and it will taste as crispy as if it's been fried in oil. You wont have to prime a massive oven to bake a few snacks.

      You can make quiches, stir fries, bake cake, fried food with it with virtually no oil.

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    bought some double walled glasses before. they are very pretty. however, very very easy to break. they're top heavy and shatters easily.


    Could only select Courier delivery - $9 (to Victoria).


    They don't look too pretty when water gets inside and can't be got out again.


    bought some tall double walled glasses last EOFY sale, very happy. They handle dishwasher well and are sturdy enough not to break when dropped (onto carpet). Was nice in winter to have tea not go cold the instant you poured it


    Seemed like a good price. Got some glasses, and chose to add a $49 induction cooker rather than to pay $11 postage. So got the induction cooker for $38 in a way.


    Bought some glasses and a kettle with tea warmer last time. The glasses were great! Received the items in no time as well. Kettle was a little loud but that's all.


    I bought a number of double-walled cups before from K-mart and ALDI and they were all recalled due to safety reasons. I think these will be the same.


    I bought two sets of the double-walled tea cups, extremely happy with them, best bang for buck for double-walled cups.

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