List of stores that beat competitors price?

Hey everyone,

I need to buy a new microwave, and I found a good price at HN (of all places!). I've searched around, but they seam to be the best price, but does anyone have a list of places that will beat (not match) a competitors price?

It would be a pretty good list to have going around IMO, that way you can just click on the places that would be appropriate for the item you are buying (computer parts, whitegoods etc), check if the competitor has it in stock, and then make them beat the best price you can find - that's the Ozbargain way isn't it :)



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    We have a wiki for stores that price beat and price match, see pricematch wiki, they are also linked to the stores price beat policy.

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      Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for!



    Recently in Victoria I noticed and had gone to online only trading.

    Worth checking out their prices, I couldn't find cheaper.


    Sounds like you could use a service like if you qualify for membership. You can ask them for a list of preferred suppliers, or give them details of your best price; they will check with their suppliers and try to beat it for you.


      My Mum is part of union shopper, so she called them, they couldn't beat the HN price (which wasn't a special or anything), which I was surprised about - normally they can at least get something off.


    Be careful if you buy things from HN. They have their own very strict refund policy unlike other big stores such as Kmart, Target, or Myer or Burning store , or Masters. I only find out HN sells their franchise so each store runs their business independently like the former Roger Davis etc ( if I am not wrong and with reservation ). I mentioned earlier in this forum about my experience of asking a refund for one new IPad 4th gen. ( only after a lapse of two days this includes Sunday in between)from them. But most readers commented I had no right to request for a refund since there is nothing wrong with the the appliance. I acept the comments . As it is my right to go wherever I like to spend my money, I will rather go to other big stores in future even it is more expensive, but will never go to HN again.i am not making complaining here,about HN( I am happy now after reading the comments from other readers) but just wish to air my experience here to other readers.