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Hello everyone,

what is the list of things that are must do's and dont's before I pull the trigger on buying the house - I am thinking about buying the house(not building it or not buying a newly build house) and would like to benefit from your experiences - things that you were glad you did or things that you wish you could have done…I am not asking about financials but things like getting wiring checked or termite inspection and so on…

All I can think of is -

1) make sure the house is within mortgage range.
2) make sure wife and mother in-law likes it :)

P.S. - financials are sorted out so not looking for advise on it.


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    Consider: how far to shops, schools, nearest hospital, public transport. Buy a house for LESS than you can afford; this helps you to sleep easily at night!
    Good luck

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    Find out if there are any easements on the property. Real estate agent should be able to tell you. If there are they could affect you in future (if you wanted to rebuild, sell, etc). Not to mention the lowering of the valuation of the land.

    • i will google it but could you please explain what is easement?

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        In simple terms an easement is a restriction on what you can do on the property. A common example is that you cannot erect a permanent structure on top of a stormwater drain ……..
        So if you have a drain running under the middle of your property, this could prohibit or severely limit what you can build.
        The other restriction you can encounter is called a covenant. This is a planning restriction. For example, in some areas you can only build brick veneer or your garden cannot be fenced or walled.
        Buying a property is quite likely the most expensive thing you'll ever buy, so do be sure to check everything.
        Good luck!

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