AFL Grand FInal

Hi all,
Just wanting to start a general discussion thread on the subject of the AFL grand final and specifically tickets.

I would like to know how members of the OzBargain Community who have attended the great day before went about getting a ticket and avoided paying through the nose for it, or managed to get there way into the 'G for the big game.

I have been a lifelong supporter of a competing club and unfortunately as a student, I can't couldn't afford to for the top of the line membership that guarantees a GF ticket. And the ballot is probably not to to come out in my favour

I am a poor supporter of a competing club, unlikely to get tickets. What have you done to get tickets/what lengths have you gone too to be there on the day.
I just want to hear some entertaining stories


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    Ive been an AFL member for over 20 years (originally joined as a student) which has allowed me to go to any Grandfinal that I have wanted to. They have an option to pay monthly. Its worth considering as joining as a student is alot cheaper. Ask for money for Christmas instead of gifts. If you barracked for Sydney or Hawthorn it would be a good investment.

    If you have time on your hands and are a touch creative then enter the 3AW competition. Get to the 3AW broadcast at the MCG early (from 8am?) on Grandfinal day with you creation (they give away heaps of tickets every hour). You need something that stands out, includes the Toyota logo and is rather clever. Ive seen really simple banners that have won because of the clever wording. If you can get hold of a couple of cute kids or a dog even better lol.

    Put a call out on social media for any spare tickets you never know who may not be able to go at the last minute etc.

    Some of my mates have been able to pick up tickets at train stations or local pubs around the MCG on the day although this is usually the expensive way, although if you only want one standing room ticket you might be lucky.

    Good luck!

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    If you can get hold of a couple of cute kids or a dog even better lol.

    How much is it to buy a ticket for your dog?

  • One of our mates got a ticket as a Swans South Australian member - priority 3 in the ticket ballot - but still secured a ticket into the GF (standing room)

    • Lucky man!
      I am a priority 3 hawthorn member myself and according to social media, pretty much none of the Hawks priority 3 members got their hands on some tickets

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    Got a ticket as a Swans full member few years back. 3rd row back from fence on the half way line.

    1. Do an MCG tour on the Friday, hide in the toilets til the big day
    2. Bribe a records seller to lend you his uniform
    3. Pretend to part of the half-time entertainment

    and for two semi-realistic suggestions

    1. Ask around if any of your family / friends are long time MCC members. Some who have been members for a long time have a guest entitlement
    2. At half time hold up a sign asking for a ticket. If the game is one-sided, some supporters may go home, or more likely you might get some neutral who got given a corporate ticket who just attended for the curiousity factory
    • I am currently exploring the last two options, I had a friend tell me that last year (I didn't know this at the time) that her brother was given 13 tickets to a corporate box the night before the grand final and couldn't find enough people to give all the tickets away!

      • If you need more people to fill out the box, let me know! :P

        • Friends brother no longer has the same job so that one is out :(

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    Try travel agents, especially those in SA and WA. They often buy tickets to on sell as a package, but with no local teams in might be having issues. This is how I got in a few years back. A lot of places get around the no scalping laws by providing a package with the ticket (accommodation or even just a breakfast) so look out for these later in the week. If they haven't sold up every ticket by Friday, they'll get desperate.

    Good luck!

    • They often buy tickets to on sell as a package

      legal scalping

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