Cash Passport/Travel Card


I'm going on a trip to New Zealand with my girlfriend in early November this year.
I noticed the Australian Dollar getting weaker, so I thought I should purchase a Travel card sooner rather than later.

Is now a good time to get a Travel card, and do you recommend any particular travel card? Is any good?



  • Lock in rates not even close to market. 3% fee. Charges and fees with everything including cash out.

    I wouldn't use one.

    • Rather than walking around with a massive amount of cash, I was investigating travel cards as that seems more safe. What would you do?

      • Cash out on my visa debit, take cash where I can.

        Least you know it is market rates.

      • I would hedge my bets. I would take a small amount of cash (because you'd probably find that you'd need it at a few places), and use a international fee free credit or debit card (credit is preferred because the rates are better). Just keep an eye out on the rates and when it's good, get a little, and slowly accumulate as much as required.

        Currency is always a gamble, you never know, the AUD could go up in value at the time you are holidaying as well, so if you lock in a rate now you'll lose.

  • You're better off getting cash now if you think the AUD will drop further. Otherwise take something like a 28 degrees credit card (which is generally better than the cash rates at the time) and use that. NZ is very credit friendly. Most places I visited had no minimum credit card charge + most places didn't have a credit card surcharge.

    I have noticed that there has been a drop in AUD vs the NZD, but it's been roughly the same rate for almost the whole year? Correct me if I'm wrong here.