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Honda Lawn Mower Self Propelled 21inch Deck Model: HRR216VKA $760 @ Freshway Supplies


Genuine Honda Self Propelled Lawn Mower HRR216VKA ONLY $760 with 1 yr wanrranty


Self-propelled, variable speed Smart Drive™
3 in 1 with Clip Director® - mulch, bag, and discharge
Reliable Honda GCV160 engine with Auto Choke System
Twin Blade MicroCut System®
21 inch Cut
Model Number: HRR216VKA


Engine GCV160
Deck Material Steel, 16 ga
Cutting Width 21"
Mowing height range 1 1/8 -4"
Mowing height adjustments 6
Drive Control Variable Postion Smart Drive™
Transmission Variable Speed Fixed Gear Belt Clutch
Ground speed 0 to 4.0 mph
Starter Recoil
Choke System Automatic
Drive Belt
Handle 1" Steel Tube
Handle Height Positions 2
Wheels 8" Plastic
Ball Bearing Wheels Rear
Standard Functions 3 in 1: Mulch, Bag, DischargeBag Standard
Bag capacity (bushels) 1.9
Blade(s) Twin blades (MicroCut System®)
Blade Control Flywheel brake
Side/Rear Discharge Rear standard
Dry weight 80 lbs.
Operating Weight 83 lbs.

This honda lawn mower come with 1 yr warranty. you can come our warehouse to pick up or we can post it to you directly. We do Service And Repair All Power Tools Based On Arncliffe Sydney, So Any Problen Just Bring It In.

Any problem please call us on 1300567002.

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  • once u go "self propelled", u don't go back…lol…my neighbours used to watch me mow my front lawn with ease whilst they had to push…too bad I don't have any grass in my current property nowadays.

    • If you are going to pay that much for a push mower, why not pay a little more and get a ride-on. Once you try you will never go back.

  • shouldn't a Honda Mower always come with min 4 years warranty? how come it is one 1 year on this one?

  • copied from


    Honda is a brand-name which is synonymous with quality the world over - which is exactly why some eBay Sellers are fraudulently using the Honda brand to sell their knock-off products. Before you purchase a "Powered by Honda" product at eBay, there are a few things you really must know.
    1. The Honda Manufacturer's Warranty

    Some Sellers are advertising their products as containing Honda GX-Series Engines, but offering ridiculous warranties such as 1 year back-to-base and parts only. The truth is that EVERY certified Honda Engine is backed by a 4 Year FULL Parts and Labour Warranty from Honda themselves. Every REAL Honda Engine has a barcode and serial number on the engine which entitles that engine to full warranty support from ANY Honda Dealer in Australia.

    How to spot the fakes: It's really quite simple. If the product advertised is not covered by a 4 Year FULL Parts and Labour Warranty for Domestic Customers, then it's NOT a certified Honda.
    2. Chinese-Made Honda Engines

    The truth is that some Authorised Honda Engines ARE manufactured in China. The Chinese authorised Honda Engines ARE top-quality engines manufactured to Honda's exacting standards. However, an authorised engine manufactured in China should also bear a sticker near the engine on/off switch which states "Not Certified for Sale in the US, Europe and Australia". Even the authorised Chinese Honda Engines aren't recognised here for warranty claims. Unfortunately, the vast majority of products containing "Honda" engines for sale here at eBay contain knock-off Honda engines using cheaper parts which were NEVER authorised by Honda.

    How to spot the fakes: Again, you should look at the Product Warranty offered by the Seller. If it doesn't offer 4 Years FULL Parts and Labour for Domestic Customers, then it's NOT a certified Honda.
    3. Various "Honda" Slogans and Logos

    Many eBay Sellers are using slogans and logos in their advertising which are not only misleading - their use could shortly land the Seller in some VERY hot water. Slogans such as "Honda - The Power of Dreams", "Honda Power Equipment", and the registered logos which go along with these slogans (including the bare "HONDA" logo) are ONLY authorised by Honda to appear in conjunction with GENUINE HONDA PRODUCTS. Genuine Honda product models include those you see advertised at the Honda MPE website like the "EU" series of Honda Powered Inverters, and the "EM" and "EP" series Honda Portable Generators.

    The ONLY Honda slogan which Honda has authorised for use in conjunction with OEM Power Equipment is "Powered by Honda"™.

    How to spot the fakes: EVERY Honda Power Equipment Dealer and Authorised OEM knows these rules very well. Honda very strictly controls the use of these logos and slogans, and ANY Honda Dealer or OEM misusing them very quickly loses their authorised status. If the product is not a part of the GENUINE Honda range and uses any logo or slogan other than the authorised "Powered by Honda"™ logos, then it's NOT a certified Honda.

  • I still have my Honda hr216 self propelled from 1982 starts first try. these mowers will last you a lifetime.

  • Had to log in to plus this one. When I bought my honda a few years ago, self propelled was over $1K.

    • Agree and that point alone makes me dubious about how genuine this unit really is.

      My non-self-propelled Honda is a semi-commerical grade (sleeved bore) and cost me just under $1000 13 years ago. Over that time it has been a true workhorse and I've only given it light servicing (3 oil changes, 3 three sets of air filters, 3 sets of blades and 1 new spark plug). It's still going well however after recently detecting big power losses I've just ordered a new (genuine) carby for it as I couldn't be stuffed spending close to the same amount rebuilding the original. Great mower.

      Make sure it's a 100% genuine Honda and you wont regret spending the extra.

  • I'm guessing this is one of those parallel imported mower rather than what Honda imported themselves.

  • is that model grey import from the US?

    this one has full 2 year honda warranty and is rrp $779


    Self-Propelled, Blade Brake, GCV160, 21", twin blade

  • Great price if it's legit, but like godofpizza and SteveAndBelle commented - I'd be seriously questioning if its a genuine Honda.

  • 100% genuine Honda lawn mower thats we guarantee .

    • I think honda australia bought in the HRR216VYU, which is the same as your grey import, and now you're trying to sell the ones you've imported on the hope someone will try to save $19 without realising that honda australia will not provide warranty.

      As much as this is a great mower (and worth the price you've offered) it is not a bargain because it is only a possible $19 off rrp and is not worth the loss of warranty and the support of the honda dealer network.

      I'm also sure that if someone went to a honda dealer with $760 they'll sell you an australian delivery one anyway.

      I am compelled to neg, sorry.

      • Cheers for posting your knowledge on the matter '32768'! I can't believe they've dropped so much in price since I bought my Honda back in the early 2000s. A Self-Propelled like this would've been $1300+ back then so even $779rrp from any Honda dealer still makes this a great deal. $760 is obviously better of course ;)

  • We do repair and service all power tools based on Arncliffe Sydney. Any problem ,you can bring it back, we can fix it.


    Bottle of round up is cheaper

    Gives the futuristic mars look

  • it's got a big deck.

  • This is CHEAP as………I would buy one but I already have my Honda mower that cost me close to $1,000 5 years ago.
    But yeah, this sort of price is available at any Honda retailer Australia wide.

  • Mate a genuine honda retails for over $1500 and a contractor can get one for close to $1400 and the clutch and blade brake set up on the handlebars is nothing like a genuine honda. And genuine hondas dont have variable speed Smart Drive ,they have 3 speed gearbox. So its a copy.