Are GROUPON Offering Counterfeit / Fake Michael Kors Handbags?

I just saw this offering from GROUPON Australia.

"From $129 for a Michael Kors Handbag in Choice of Styles and Colours (Don't Pay From $272.48)"

I just get a feeling that not all is "right" with this offering.

GROUPON do not reveal the seller's business name.
Some of the pics I checked are the same ones used on the MK website.
Some pics do not show the correct MK 'feet' being on the bag.

What do you think?

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  • I highly doubt they would be fake. Michael Kors is not exactly top end when it comes to handbags and the RRP is not that high in the first place. I think the fakes tend to be the more established and in demand brands.

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    Since there are no pics of the bags Groupon are selling, can't tell if they are fakes.

    That said, there are definitely counterfeit Michael Kors bags.

    ETA: I've seen the signature satchel at Michael Kors outlet for ~$300 so the $274 Groupon are selling at is not that cheap anyway.

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    There are definitely MK fakes, but it's hard to tell in the listing whether they are fake.

    The prices look similar to US outlet prices, especially the logo ones.

  • My friend (an expert on MK Handbags) has looked them over (well the descriptions anyway - and the pics that were not copied from the MK website).

    She says:-

    Some models just don't sound right.

    The Jet Black Saffiano Leather says that it is faux leather and leather trim.
    That bag does not come in faux leather.

    They also say that it is a Hamilton style. Not the case. Only if it has the MK Logo.

    Then PVC! I would not trust them.

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    I bought a pair of Beats Solo back in 2011. Saw a LOT of fake vs real comparisons online, mine ticked all the fake boxes :(

    I wouldn't be surprised if these were MK A+++ grade fakes. Too easy to replicat and massproduce.

  • If they are ex-season bags, 50% off seems reasonable. Although I doubt sites like GROUPON would have strict verification procedures in place to stamp out counterfeit designer goods being sold. It's all about the profits.

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