Need Help Getting a Refund for Fraudulent Purchases Made on My PS4 Account

Two weeks ago 2 games where purchased on my Playstation network account that were not made by me for the amount of $150

I contacted Sony straight away to lodge a complaint and got a response this morning saying that they won't refund it.

The purchases were made on Sony's website and the games have not been downloaded onto my PS4. I have since removed all the credit card details from my account and changed passwords

This is the email I got back from Sony:

Hi James,

Thank you for your recent call.

I can inform you the transactions made on your account were made via the web, however you are responsible for all use of the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account, including all purchases and online conduct. This is outlined in our Terms of Service and, for this reason we cannot offer a refund for these transactions.

I advise you keep your account details secure and not share them with anyone. This will ensure that nobody can access your account and transact without your permission. Additionally, I suggest your change your password to further secure your account.

The billing details have already been removed from the account. If you wish to review your transaction history, I suggest visiting for a full breakdown of purchases made.

Additional information on account holders responsibilities and purchase cancellation rights can be found in our Terms of Service.

Is there anything I can do to possibly get my money back?

Ironically one of the games purchased was Thief

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    Lodge chargeback through your credit card provider. If you did not authorise transaction then you are definitely covered.

    • How would I go about doing this?

      I contacted the Comm bank while the transaction was in pending stage to try and put a hold on it but they said the can't touch the transaction until they receive authorisation from Sony

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        contact CBA and say it was fraud
        I had some fraudulent purchases on my Amazon account

        they will look into it, most likely send you a form getting you to sign you didn't buy it and refund u (this was NAB though, but most have the same practices)

        • Thank you very much

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      do this and they will probably close your psn account.

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    Typical Sony. Instead of working with you to find out how your account was compromised, they keep the money and offer you "advice" about not sharing your passwords and that you should change it. This coming from a company that was very publicly eviscerated by hackers.

    That said:
    Do you have a decent, non-recycled password, in a "secure environment"?

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