Cheapest way to connect wii to lcd monitor?

Can someone please let me know what is the cheapest way of connecting a wii to a lcd monitor? many thanks in advance :)



    what came with the wii? I'm gussing wii —> RCA (3 colours - red, yellow, white?). Just grab an RCA to DVI converter. You can get them off dealsextreme for like $4 delivered. If you cbf waiting then just go to jaycar/dse etc. And bring the cord! lol (a mate works there and its a pain when people are like 'i need a cord for a tv' and thats all they know)


      i think i will need a component to vga converter..thanks anyway :)


        lol yesh, i reaalised im compeltly wrong lol


    IMHO the best and cheapest way is to get a Wii component cable plus a component to VGA converter like this one: I assure you I use that converter and have it set up this way myself.

    You will need an lcd monitor that supports the display mode though, plus you'll have to figure out what to do with the audio - but you can just get a $3 cable/adapter and use PC speakers or headphones.

    Composite RCA to DVI seems wrong to me. They are completely different formats (one analogue, one digital) that you will never get a $4 converter for.

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