Booking US Accomodation for Trip in Feb. Book Now or Closer to The Date?

Thanks to Oz B I have booked a trip with Air NZ for my family of 4 in Feb (2nd to 21st).
While searching through multiple hotel booking sights I am unsure as to whether I should book my accommodation sooner rather than later. It is low season so I am thinking about holding off till after Christmas. Some bookings are cheaper if I pay now or more if book with a late cancellation option.
Travelling to LA, Anaheim, Las Vegas and San Francisco and very flexible with dates.

Any thoughts/ suggestions when the best time to book is????


  • Factors to consider.

    The quality of accommodation you require. I found mid range accommodation a few years ago was relatively cheap booking only a few days in advance. Feb is winter on the west coast and you should find reasonable accommodation.

    Prebooking AND paying now means you lock in at todays exchange rates, which unfortunately only a crystal ball will tell you if that's good.

    Prebooking means it's very hard to change plans. Have you got a set itinerary already?

    Are you travelling around by car or public transport? Given the cities you mentioned a car is a very cheap and flexible way to see the US, and it gives you opportunities that are not available if you use public transport.

    eg a drive from LA to Las Vegas takes about 5 hours (unless you drive during peak hour) and with 4 people that will save you quite a lot, vs planes/taxi's etc to do the same trip.

    In Las Vegas if you visit M-Thur you can save a bundle on accommodation, and with a car you can stay off the strip and save more.

    If you like shopping, having a car is the best way to go to malls and outlets which using taxis or other public transport makes the cost rather prohibitive.

    Then you can travel to San Fran from Las Vegas and see death Valley, Yosemite etc.

    Again travelling through, having some flexibiity means if you find you like a place you can stay longer etc.

    Hope that gives you a little start.

    Prebooking first and last nights accommodation is always a must.

  • Hi Miss Kate, Im so happy you got to book your family on the cheap to USA via the deal I posted. I spent alot of time comparing multiple booking websites to come up with the best prices for my accomodations. Try a combination on Webjet/ rates 2 go/ hotel club/ expedia and trivago. It will take you some time but eventually youll get the best prices for you. Also google discount codes for each of these sites, and make purchases through cash rewards also for some more cash back. Good luck.

    I know theres a bit of ground work to do but a saving is a saving! Ill give you one example, I booked 3 nights at the MGM in Vegas from webjet, used the "save50" code to get $50 off and entered webjet via cashrewards for an additional 6.15% rebate. Also I only book hotels that offer 100% cancelation refunds 2 days out from booking date which covers me if I need to change plans or can made the same booking again cheaper at a later date. Also note we are mercy to the exchange rate, and concensus seems to be the AUD will drop more, which means accomodation prices will rise.

  • I tend to book the first night and then confirm by email a week or so before arriving and only book a place that gives you decent cancelling rights. Make sure you take out yr travel insurance now to start on the day of yr departure and covering the 2 days that it takes to get back just in case there's say engine trouble and you have to land in HNL or something.

    Luckily you are going in low season so will be in a better posi to shop around. I always try to book directly with the hotel, esp if they will match any 'internet' special offers.

  • Thanks all for your help and suggestions.

    I have been able to secure some decent prices with the help of hotels websites, discount codes and cash back sites..

  • Miss Kate

    I find it cheaper to book direct with the hotels, we have been toLas Vegas quite a few times and always prefer to stay at Treasure Island, if you join up with them on line they offer some great rates, the rooms are huge and the hotel is quite central and most importantly near the Fashion Show Mall for some shopping

  • if yield managers of airlines, hotels, rental car co. do their job correctly, their would never ever be last minute deals.

    The GFC stuffed everything up.

    We still get emails everyday saying when are the $999 deals in peak season after Xmas Day coming out.

    Our answer never. If we could buy then for less than $1699 at Xmas, we'd buy every seat we can & resell them.