This was posted 6 years 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Norton 360 1 Year for 3 PCs US $9.99 / AU $11.5 (Originally US $89.99 / AU $103.75)


EDIT: Qty. 2 working. Codes not working anymore on single license in the basket.

Hope this works for everybody else too :)

Step by step (make sure you are not signed in to existing Norton account). This offer is good for new accounts only:

  1. Go here:
  2. Select first option 1yr/3PCs
    2(a). If you see it discounted already to US $49.99 (as they are running a sale already), use this: GCGN360US40OFF to bring down to US $9.99
    2(b). If you see it full priced at US $89.99, stack these two: GCGN360US40OFF and N360US40OFF (look at the screenshot attached)
  3. Add the Norton Virus Removal Assurance (1 year) for free (from the bottom of the page)
  4. Check out using a credit card. If you don't have a US billing address, change country to anything else, e.g. Peru (Norton verifies street addresses only). Card will be charged instantly for US $9.99
  5. Make sure you disable the Auto-renew option.
  6. No need to wait for your email, you can sign in with your new chosen credentials here:
  7. The activation date of every PC license starts when you actually activate it on a particular PC, and not all 3 starts at the same time.

Finally, your credit card statement will show: $9.99 Norton *NPXXXXXXXXX NORTON.COM/NSUS
XXXXXXXXX is your account number, and $9.99 means USD 9.99

Note: if you are unable to add the coupons, wait for a while, as these were generated for affiliates, and quota refreshes itself automatically. Or you can empty the cart and as well try any affiliate link yourself from around the Internet. They are jdoqocy (banned to post here directly I guess).

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  • As someone who cleans up after the mess Norton 360 leaves on PCs for a living… Don't do it.

  • coupon code invalid : GCGN360US40OFF and N360US40OFF

  • Invalid for me too…

  • yup, like bazzaa said - this is as bloated as it gets.

    Avira - lifetime FREE
    Comodo suite - lifetime FREE
    AVG - lifetime FREE,

    so WHY? why?

    it's made for people who think that 10$ makes a world of difference (or whatever the amount)

    • I don't think they trust it because they don't understand the business model. Kind of makes sense… until you think about it.

    • For better protection millusions

      No see my comment below - I do not endorse the 360 product (NIS is OK) for the same reasons but I read a lot of reviews and articles in tech magazines where they do independent testing and do not kid yourself - the ones you mention above do NOT protect as well as the top 4 or 5 paid suites.

      This is indisputable - read the most recent PC and Tech Authority comparison review as an example.


      It actually all comes down to sillyness. If you NEVER visit strange sites, use other people's USB keys or click on these so called utilities to speed up your PC or one of hundreds of other ads that claim to improve your life in some way but end up being a Trojan, then TECHNICALLY you do not even need protection. Yep, as a PC technician of 17 years now I've said it. If you do nothing stupid, AND keep your programs updated to eliminate vulnerabilities you will actually never catch malware out of thin air regardless of whether you use protection or not.

      Having said that the free programs you mention are indeed a fine way to have that extra bit of security in your pocket in case you accidentally do the wrong thing.

      But if you're somebody who simply does not know the ways of the internet and will click on anything (hello dad!) I personally think you're asking for it if you do not have a solid top 4 paid for security suite running. Been doing this for a while now and that is my opinion.

      • that's bollocks.
        also have been in IT industry for the time you have. started with Dos and Win 3.11 for workgroup$ .

        i build computers for friends and family etc. PC and Tech Authority are fed rubbish, the computer mags are pretty much glorified advertisments - not much else.

        and there you are, basing your opinion on something you've read in a magazine,
        well, my opinion is based on many years in IT industry and actually using virus scanners.

        Last time i used Nortons was about 10 years ago, when i burned a DVD for a friend and their computer reported multiple infections!!!!

        The most effective way to safeguard a computer is to run a program that monitors for changes, like Spybot search and destroy.

        i have spybot search and destroy and FREE Comodo Internet suite and let me tell you - this computer has seen many porn sites and crack sites, so you know what you can do with your 'most recent PC and Tech Authority comparisons' , by the way, who the hell is this AUTHORITY? lol

        • Sorry, you are absolutely right. My experience with AV suites since the old Microsoft AV for DOS is completely inferior to yours. I hadn't read that independent magazines were all just fed rubbish. Glad to see you backed all those claims up so solidly too. You are obviously very much a guru building computers for your family and friends as opposed to supporting over 120 small business clients but hey good on you for being so forthright with your knowledge. Quick correction I do not base my opinion solely on magazine articles (sorry glorified advertisements silly me!!!), or on-line reviews, don't put words in my mouth I never said that in my first post. We deal with all vendors protection here at our offices including paid and free, but other than that - hey you're right I should not be giving opinions on this forum when people like you exist as your knowledge is obviously far superior.

          Good to see you used Nortons 10 years ago too. That very much gives you a valid soapbox to stand on - tell me, do you put your foot in your mouth often?

          Spybot search and destroy will absolutely NOT safeguard your PC. the FREE edition has NO live protection at all:

          Programs such as Spybot, Malwarebytes and to a lesser extent AdwCleaner are awesome to find and fix malware MANUALLY AFTER THE FACT. In fact we use AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes from a PE boot disk to clean infections all the time. To get live protection on each of these you must PAY ($13.99 for Spybot by the way home edition look it up). BUT your argument was AGAINST paying for AV SO your Spybot argument for SAFEGUARDING (I.E. trapping malware BEFORE it does damage) is null and void.

          So anyway - just my way of apologizing hope there's no hard feelings. Comodo is one of the better free AV out there so you can go back to your cracking and porn now.

  • It is strange, if you put in 2 copies (in quantity) then both codes work and bring total down to $19.95, but I cannot get codes to work with a single copy just says invalid.

  • As others have said - please do not use Norton 360. It is extremely bloated. HOWEVER do NOT be dissuaded from all Norton products. Norton Internet Security is a great product. Very easy on resources - 9-11Mb resident on my system as I post this with 0% CPU usage on idle. It is also in the top 5 every review in magazines for the past 8 years for protection.

    Yes, I'm VERY well aware Norton became a resource hog in 2006 and it was a bucket of molasses till they rebuilt it from scratch in 2008.

    Since then it's actually very slick. No, I do NOT work for Norton and at my shop we sell ALL of the top AV products, but Norton Internet Security is actually one of the ones we favour highly.

    So yes, Norton has a bad reputation for what they did almost a decade ago, and also because 360 is basically a bucket of c**p with so much stuff you never need or use just taking up resources, but if you haven't tried NIS for a while, grab the free trial and make up your own mind - I find it's excellent.

    EXCEPT for the nagging when your subscription is approaching expiry (they're all starting to do this unfortunately) I recommend it.


    You can pick up the OEM version of NIS for about $25 or so. When your Norton reaches expiry, you can actually simply drop in another OEM product key to renew your subscription for a year instead of paying the nearly $100 asking price if you renew on-line saving 70-75 buck a year. Just saying.

    • Extra vote for Norton Internet Security, been using it for 3 years on my family's computers and very happy with it (3 Vaios, 1 Dell and an Asus, all laptops).

  • +4 votes

    People still pay for their Anti-virus softwares nowadays? There are plenty of good ones for free.

    • I'd rather pay $10/year knowing that the company that makes this will still be around to give me updates, unlike 'free' anti-virus apps that could miss something or close their doors.. My security is worth much more than 'free'..

      • +1 vote

        Fair enough, I'm happy enough just using Avast free or Comodo.

      • yes. thats how the world works. there are people who pay 1.99$ for a kilo of apples and there are people who pay 5.99$ for the same apples.
        go figure

        • A better analogy is safe sex.. Sure you can ride bareback.. or use condoms that were given to you free from a company.. or pay $10/yr for a product that needs your money as its business model..

          avast/comodo is not the same as nortons.. so the $1.99 to $5.99 is an apples/oranges comparison..

        • @Vladdo:

          ask Rumrunner.

          he is read up on information from AUTHORITY


          @Vladdo: I think we can agree to disagree on that one. Maybe we should make a poll and ask people firstly which security they use and then if they've had a virus?

        • @voolish: HHmm. Given the immensely emotional responses we've had so far, and quite personal banter which have nothing to do with discussion on the $9.99 deal itself, it sure would be funny to watch, but I don't think such a good idea?

          Seeing the comments on posts this is as intense as an Android v iOS forum!


        • @voolish: And that is the whole reason why I pay money for AV software. If you had a virus/malware/whatever infection, how would you know? By the time you've twigged, the silent assassin has probably already done enough damage.

          Personally, I try to pay as little as possible for commercial (ie, not free) AV software. I bought 3 years of norton 360 for $0 with jb hifis cashback promo, and a lifetime premium licence of malwarebytes anti-malware for $6.50.. This is ozbargain afterall

  • It might not be obvious to some, but all the 'free' AV products don't perform that greatly compared to pretty much any of the paid AV packages.[type]=3

    • Yeah was looking at that and also is another good one.

    • Or read a balanced summary from a respectable tech site:,news-18570.html

      Basically, though, if you are a little special, go ahead and pay. If you have a clue, free is fine.

  • Thanks Op, the codes worked for me, just need to get the verification email from Norton. I logged into my account and cannot see this order available yet. So - may appear in a few hours. Luckily we already have a current subscription already expiring in a month's time. The mind boggles…

  • thanks OP codes work and I received the serial key immediately. norton 360 activated successfully

  • I'm pretty happy with Norton 360 after a year of using it. Prefer it to BitDefender, McAfee, Comodo, and others that I've tried.