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$0 eBook: Beneath The Clutter. A guide on why it's so hard to declutter. (eBook on Amazon)


Are you constantly battling to keep clutter at bay?

Does it seem like when you do organize your home, it doesn’t last long?

Do you ever wonder if there is an easier way to maintain order?

Rest assured, there is! 'Beneath The Clutter' will solve all of these problems by guiding you through the most common reasons we accumulate clutter. By understanding why we get bogged down in clutter, the process to eliminating it is so much easier.

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  • +1

    yes and where to keep this book? more clutter :(

    • BS - it wont cause any clutter. its just 39 pages long.

      Another Free BOOKLET by Amazon, with a false $9.99 value

      • don't see that as justification to neg - its a freebie. If you don't want it, move on

        • -1

          As per Ozbargain guidelines, its spam and advertising, as its not real.

          And I am entitled to vote down a deal which IMHO is abuse of the site.

          Having advertising and spam just takes way from real deals.

  • +2

    The irony is not lost on me lol. But 465Kb on a hard drive is a small sacrifice for some useful advice, I hope :)

  • Now to work on brain!

  • I can't find my Kindle to read it! :)

  • I think all ozbargainer's need a copy of this book!

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