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FREE Sample Cottonelle Kleenex 10 Pack at Martin Place Sydney


Free sample, looks like a new product, might not be though.
Kleenex cottonelle, it says 'experience a new level of clean' - don't ask me my experience please :), just grab your very own at Martin Place. It is a 10 pack of 200 mm x 135 mm.
Pic attached.

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    I wouldn't wipe my… Oh actually I would !


    There's also a free public toilet they have installed, so you can use the wipes straight away.


    There was a PinchMe sample for this last month. Haven't seen it in stores, but I haven't been looking for it.


      should be in coles or woolies near the toilet paper, I've seen them there.


    Wet toilet paper? Can't see it catching on. They're probably just trying to get rid of it all.


      nah, baby wipes for adults. I got some samples way back, dunno what happened to them.

      One big barrier they face is you'd need some custom bogroll holder in each dunny to hold both the normal dry paper plus the wipes.


    I don't like Kleenex cottonelle.

    I don't buy it even in special, too fragile, breaks as I unrollit all the time. Nice looking roll but not good to use.

    Now I just buy Quiltron at the everyday price at Woolies or Coles.