Kmart Projector and Screen for 300 Bones

Is this worth the 300 ?
Im hoping to play blu rays in my living room on a budget, but if the quality is rubbish I won't bother. Is it too cheap to be any use?

Anyone have one?

Direct link to catalogue:

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    a happy customer here who is aware of the limitations buts says it's worth the money.

    consensus there is that the same money buys you higher spec on ebay but if you just want to wander round the corner instead this does not appear to be a waste of money.



    Yea, I'm looking at ebay now, there sure are a hell of a lot to chose from!
    I'll keep sniffing around, im not in a rush but good to know the cost of projectors has now become affordable!

    thanks for your help!


      Ideally look for at least 1024x768 resolution.
      Preferably something widescreen (so you're not buying "pixels" that will end up letterboxed).
      If you're serious, just jump straight to the Benq 1070.. less than $1000 1080p.


    thanks Subacoles!
    Im looking for the best $400 will get me,
    looking at ali express at the moment at possibly this one

    Comes with a screen too, but a little apprehensive buying from them!


      Forget a screen, unless you don't have a smooth, white wall to project onto.
      I've just used a wall for 7 years and it's fine..
      I have an Epson EMP-X5 XGA projector bought secondhand from a Private school with only a few hours and a second globe for $450.