Monitor or TV?

am in the market for a monitor but after looking around would it just be better to get a TV? as far as i see it a cheap TV from Aldi or JB would not only be alot bigger it will be better viewing quality and obviously double as a tv. its for my room BTW


  • How far are you sitting away and what are you using it for? A monitor will give better performance (visual quality, especially for text) than a tv any day.

    • ok, its for my desk. ill mostly be doing gaming and graphic design stuff so i suppose a monitor would be better

      • Make sure to buy one with an anti-glare coating.

  • Monitor any day, i do similar things with a duel monitor setup but as i'm saving for a triple 24" i use a 24" tv and 23" monitor. If you are doing any design you are going to want a monitor.

  • +2

    I've used a 32" Full HD LED TV for the last 4 years. I've had 19", 22", 24" and 27" monitors and a couple of CRT's before that. The TV was/is the best. It is wall mounted. The TV has been on 3 successive desktops.

    I am looking around for a cheap 4K TV as my motherboard supports a 4K display and I'm curious what THAT would look like :)

    I'll never go back to a monitor again.

  • I've been using a 42" plasma for about the last 6 years. Great for watching movies. I also have the Playstation hooked up to it.

    I'm sitting in a recliner with a wireless keyboard n mouse though. The TV sits on the desk.

    Might be a bit big / close if your going to sit at the desk in an office chair.

  • For general purpose use, a large screen40-55in with a good distance would be ideal for most users, particularly gaming, web use and video watching. however, any fine detail work such as graphic design, CAD, etcetera will highlight the comparatively low dot pitch of HD TVs, if you are at a normal viewing range (30-60cm). This is where a 4K TV would seem perfect, assuming you video card fully supports that resolution — unfortunately, the vast majority don't, without dropping the refresh rate down to 30Hz or so — ideally you would want a screen with 100\120Hz or so to manage eye strain. While 4K TVs are starting to become affordable alternatives, you may be waiting a while for decent, affordable video cards to run them properly.

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