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Dyson AM06 Desk Fan - $359 (RRP $449) at David Jones (New Improved Model)


Picked up the new model Dyson AM06 desk fan from David Jones today. They've got 20% off all small electrical items if you pay with your David Jones store card. I had some David Jones vouchers, so I paid mostly with those and the remainder on my store card. The shop assistant was fine with this.

The new AM06 model is significantly quieter. I compared the two and it's very clear. It also has a remote and a timer function.

Yes I know this is still a crazy amount of money to pay for a fan, but this one is for the kids bedroom and we were prepared to pay a premium for safety. Our little one actively seeks out danger.

I couldn't seeanywhere else that had this fan on sale.

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  • I sense the OzBargain powers are weak in this one… If I wanted a safe fan for my kids room I'd mount a $10 one from Bunnings to the wall where they couldn't reach it and put the $349 difference towards the kids college fund. But that's just me.

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    dunno how i managed to survive growing up with normal fans

    • Well you did pretty good, considering you don't actually have any fingers. If your fingers didn't get chopped off by fans, they were blown off by fire crackers or we chewed them off through angst and self doubt as we didn't win some physical contest, or we chewed them off through angst and guilt that the next ice age would hit in 2020.

      Those were the days! Things are so much better with 'fanless' fans, vacuums with no bags, shopping centers with glass roofs kept at 22 degrees all year 'round and cheap air fares!

  • In all seriousness, children need to learn to appreciate risk. A small fan cannot really injure them, even if they stick their fingers in - just hurt them a little.

    I would rather they learn on something like a small fan then learn the hard way in the real world. They are only going to stick their fingers in there once or twice before they understand.

    • I knew it was going to hurt when I put my finger in but I was too curious to see how much pain it was. Now I won't even go near a fan or put my hand close to it even when it has the fan cover.

      :P. A trauma experience indeed…

      • I remember as a young boy sticking my fingers in a fan and it hurt quite a lot. But I learnt from this and continued to stick my fingers in the fan until I built a tolerance to the pain. Now I can poke any one of my six fingers into any pedestal fan on the market without even flinching.

  • Ouch, $359… would rather pay the boyfriend to blow on me for that much!

  • I'm sensing not many people are a fan of these comments

    • Frankly, if the comment blows people won't find it uplifting.

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      Oh, I don't know, Pixie.
      I did just upvote kronic's comment, but I suppose that could just be because I'm evil.
      If I were her boyfriend (Jesus Christ! I almost wrote 'bae'), I'd just take the money and then subcontract-out breeze-duty to her own big toe… attached to a string… connected to a banana leaf. When she got weary, I'd just chuck her a 'nana to keep her energy level up.
      Yep. Ok. Confirmed. I'm evil / potentially $359 richer, less string and banana costs…

      • Get punkawalla on the list of skills for 457 visa. Will also help with global warming as we use those instead of air conditioners!


          Wow. That's an actual job title, and not just the contraption?! (yesawalla, says google.)

          Excellent idea!

  • This whole deal blows.


    OP, I hope the new models are indeed quieter than the originals. They'd want to be.

    Please post back here if (especially after a summer's use) your new Dyson starts to disappoint in any way. Including the noise-factor, beyond initial impression. When it comes to noise and fatigue, harmonics can be a weird thing.

    I won't be buying the one in this deal (good saving, though), but just gathered that Dyson are coming out with a humidifier model next year.
    Especially if there is a model which incorporates the heater option as well, I might well spring for that.

    Even if it's a good deal dearer than $359. It no doubt will be.

  • I've had a blue and silver Dyson fan since they were first launched (fell in love with the design, despite the insane financial hit). I have had it running every single night while I sleep as a combination air mover and white noise generator and it hasn't missed a beat in several years. Quieter? No thanks. ;)