Ergo Keyboard + Mouse for Win 8.1

Hi Ozbargainers I'd like to see if anyone can make some (civil) suggestions.

I upgraded my desktop by simply replacing the box with one containing updated hardware and Win 8.1.

I use a MS 4000 Ergo keyboard, (USB, wired) and this has never worked properly with Win 8.xx. It has awry key assignments which while I am used to is just starting to annoy me more than keeping my fave k/b is worth.

I do not want suggestions to update the drivers etc, I've been active in the MS support groups and it is obvious MS don't give a rats about users of this legacy equipment. The driver updates continue to be totally useless.

So I'd like to find a nice wireless ergo keyboard mouse setup that might have a similar design to the MS but which must work properly with Win 8.1, but I've no intention of paying the kind of money MS want for the Ergo Desktop 7000 at over $300.

Any helpful suggestions and appropriate links would be appreciated,

Cheerz Wabster.


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