What Is Your Age and Net Worth?

Hi ozbargainers
I want to know how i am doing financially compared to my peers. I find it rude to ask my colleagues/friends how much money/assets do they own. And I don't believe I will get a straight answer even if I ask. So as an anonymous ozbargainer will you care to share?
Net worth is defined as all your assets minus liabilities.
So how old are you and what is your net worth?
Let me start
I am 38 with 1 wife 3 kids $1.5mil


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    You should set up a rule for loading plus/minus for spouse/children/step children/ other possible dependants.

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      Does your net worth really matter? when you die, we all leave with nothing..

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        but you leave your family with something

        • Lol

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          Most of the time, you leave your with debt.

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          Can't inherit debt in this country.

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        By extension, does anything matter?

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          tried so hard
          And got so far
          But in the end
          It doesn't even matter

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      momento mori

    • You won't get any honest answers. The rich are usually very private because they fear (kidnappers/ransom, thieves, ATO, mother in laws, etc)

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        …Why does ATO fit in so perfectly there?

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    Ok voteoften.
    Don't worry about how many kids or wives.
    Let me rephrase.
    I am 38. Our family net worth is $1.5mil.

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      An average house in Sydney is worth 1.5 million. You need to look at liquid assets not including your home (unless you are selling up and moving to the country?)

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        What if op rents and doesn't own a home? Then according to this, his net worth would be $1.5m greater than someone similar who owned their home.

        • My complete extended family has a remote chance of leaving their property to me.

          My net worth is $74mil. Look at me.

      • A home is part of one's net worth, just remember to subtract all liabilities including the mortgage.

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    I have 10,000 enloop batteries in all colours which are worth a lot more than I paid for them thanks ozbargain:)

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      I hope at least your portfolio is diversified - if you don't have a mix of AA/AAA/C/D cells you're crazy

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    im worth around 2 Billion in Ozbargain $ currency

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      2 Billion in Ozbargain $ currency

      How many Eneloops does that translate to? Can't believe that Google can't do "$2b AUD in OZB"…

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        How many Eneloops does that translate to

        Roughly 1.2 trillion but if Japan and China start printing more Eneloops Dollars, Id be screwed

        Can't believe that Google can't do "$2b AUD in OZB"

        look at that as a positive. We don't want the government to start regulating the OZB currency and we definitely don't want to start declaring all our eneloops on the yearly tax return

    • "I'm worth a million in prizes "

      PS sorry about the accidental neg How do I remove on mobi?

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        Click on "votes" where you can revoke it.

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    since this is the internet and we all tell the truth on a bargain forum page

    I'm worth 100 million, wife, 4 mistress and 10 kids

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      I've got a wife, husband, packet of tropical enerloops and 30 everyday reward points.

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    myself $3.50

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    Uni Student. $20

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    I'm 28 & I've been living in Australia for just under a year.

    I'm currently worth one wife, one small child, the few thousand dollars in the bank, 4 slabs of Crown (along with 4 Crown glasses) a ton of eneloops and a temporary visa.

    Living. The. Dream.

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        Didn't realise I couldn't use it in Australia. I'll hand in my visa and catch the first flight home.

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          You have got hang of the aussie sense of humour within one year…. Well done.

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          @Son ofa Zombie:

          Now I just feel ripped off.

          I'll hang my head in shame for the rest of the day and await the call from immigration with my itinerary.

          Living the (Australian) nightmare.

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          @Got Fever:

          the way China is buying everything you'll be living the made in China nightmare.

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        I think it's 'Living the American dream'

        That would be an "American" phrase …

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        I say "living the dream" every day at work… I'm Stralian….

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          work in retail?

      • lol

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      Normally I just read the bargains without logging in. Had to log in to up vote you.

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    To Quote my Dad I am worth nothing

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      To Quote my Mom, I am worth the world to her

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        Well you really are worth a lot……close to 1000 amazing deals

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          Plot twist :O

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        OzBargain not USBargain.

        just jokes, I really do love your work here EC.

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    Sounds like someone trying to flex their Epeen.

    • Well I'm jelly… wish I had 1.5 million. I'm 25 and worth like, oh wait credit cards don't count as my money :P

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    Well Australia is a rich country. Per capita is the highest, or top 5 depending how you measure it.

    Not sure including the home is proper. I think many people forget their debts and liabilities too.

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    I am so poor i buy things on lower purchase.

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    $1.5mill and a family. You know your doing well, better than most. No real need to ask.

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      I'm 30 but doesn't really matter how much wealth I accumulate.

      I would give it all up to be a carefree teen again with no worry about bills, work and social media.

      • So you are asking to be carefree teen but you care about social media…

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          I mean I want to go back in time before social media came along.

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    i hope this thread it as depressing for some other people as it is for me. lol

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    Some people are so poor all they have is money.

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      "Some people are so poor all they have is money."

      Love this, so true.

      'Worth' a family, and enough money to keep them fed clothed sheltered and smiling. what else matters?

      well. eneloops obviously!

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        Poor Gina. Billions in the bank and nobody loves her.

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    $1.5 mil and 30+ year old ball and chain who's popped out 3 kids.

    Bet he wishes he could swap it all for a stick and a bindle.

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    I have to walk 40 kilometres to work, up hill both ways. Live in a packing crate at bottom of tip!

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      Wooden crate? I used to dream of living in a wooden crate….

      • Yep, living the dream…..

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          That's an american phrase. Pls go back to your country. See above.

        • @herzy: are you saying that we Australians aren't allows to live out our dreams?

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        Luxury! There were a hundred and fifty of us living in a shoebox in the middle of the road!

    • With internet to boot! You Sir are AWESOME.

    • I have to walk 40 kilometres to work, up hill both ways. Live in a packing crate at bottom of tip!

      Me too… I wake up 2 hours before I go to sleep just so I can start walking to work.

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    Why is someone with $1.5m worth on ozbargain?
    My wife and I are both studying second degrees, on The 'Link and two kids and mortgage. Damn we need ozbargain but I can't wait for the day when I have some cash in the bank and don't have to scrounge for dollar savings here and there. Although they say old habits die hard………

    • 26 Oct 2014

    • How would you pay down a mortgage only centrelink. It's pretty much just scrapes by for living expenses and maybe a share house room, let alone a mortgage.

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      To your last point - isn't that exactly why someone with reasonable wealth would be on Ozbargain?

      I'd think more highly of someone who is wealthy yet still respects the value of money rather than someone who thinks they should just blow money on anything because they've got a lot of it.

    • why are you centrelink??
      Is it because you are both studying?

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    Been a while since I worked out my net worth. Don't think I'll get much for the wife any more, but probably will get a fair amount for the kids…. Will have to get back to you….. ;-)

    • I'm not sure that's legal ;p

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    I dont know how to calculate net worth…Anyone has a formula?

    Bank account: $204.87
    Credit Card Debt : $7,239.61
    Shares: ~$10,000

    • In simple terms, value of what you own less any debt you have.
      Looking at above, your net worth is $3k but obviously, you may have other assets (car, house etc).

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        Loool Gg then. Na I don't. I'm 28 already too. Time to get serious in life I guess..

        • Don't worry I'm not that far ahead of you in terms of net worth….1/2 share in car, a few k in the bank age 27

          EDIT: I forgot to add my OZB worth 16 AA Eneloops + 3 AAA Eneloops (cant work out where #4 went).

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      How do you survive, minimum repayment for your cc debt is $217.19, in itself more than your entire bank balance…

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        It's just this month, things happens… That means I have until mid of Sept to slowly turn my shares into cash, otherwise the 7k will be 10k debts in no time

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          Yeah, get rid of the shares. Unless you're making a return that's greater than the interest rate on your credit card, you're technically losing money just holding on to the shares. Try getting a 0% balance transfer first though.

        • @bangbang: jasecs do this if have CC deit you have no money for shares better of pay your bill and then save some money for shares

        • @nikey2k27:

          Yea shares for me is just a higher interest savings which could be lose, I make sure my cc bill always paid.

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      Do a balance transfer to another credit card with 6 month interest free. Then pay it all off fast.

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    37, at least 50 (never kept count), 17%, 17, 17, a million hit points and maximum charisma.

    married men can add their wife's age and BMI, married women - carets and length

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    29 years old, wife and kid.

    CC debt -$20k
    Savings $2k
    House $20k
    Mortgage -$480k
    Car $5k

    Net worth $-473k

    So I'm pretty much boned?

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      don't worry, pretty soon every Australian home-owner's net worth will start looking like that.

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      why is your house only 20k?

      Wouldnt it be net off of the debt already =).

      Which should work out be a better for ya.

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        Household contents perhaps?

    • Guess my 3k net worth @ 28 beats you… But you can sell your house and car for something…

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      You need to add the value of you house, unless you owe $480k more than it's worth.

      • lol indeed. He's only adding liquid assets.

    • You gotta count your house value. I would be also in the big negatives without counting my house and investment properties as an asset.

      I am also 29 yo, partner and kid, net worth $1m, but since there is 2 of us I guess that is $500k each.

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    Horrified at all those people with many k of CC debt or are they just putting down the credit limit?

    • +3

      Balance transfer

      • +4

        Yeah I turned my 9% car loan into a 4.3% life of the balance credit card….I don't have a problem with that cc debt even if the bank doesn't like it….it's cheaper than my home loan.

    • +2

      Yea sometimes I get worried about my cc bill but heck, I like to live dangerously

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    I could live quite comfortably on the interest on what I owe

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    Haha, love the humour from you guys.
    I have $60K worth of chinese contemporary art which are rented out @ 6% pa and an Australian artist renting for 9%pa, $30k in Aussie shares and $18K in savings.
    I am self-employed working from home making approx.$38pa and on the disability pension getting $13.5K pa.
    You can earn a living on the pension. You send them your tax return and they adjust your payments.
    I have quite a lot of expenses so never pay tax! Always get a refund.
    There are many deductions when you are self-employed.
    No car, no mortgage just renting but want to buy an investment property at least and soon!

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