Money Spent Per Month on E-Books

Hey Ozb'ers :)

I'm looking to buy my very first e-book reader; a Kindle Paperwhite wi-fi 4gb (I'm happy to hear other suggestions on brands/models with supporting arguments). It got me thinking about how much people spend per month on e-books.
I'm already baulking at the idea of how much I might be potentially spending once I get the damn thing, because I kinda want to buy e-book versions of books I already own, just so that I can read them again (and again) on the Kindle. I know that's very un-Ozbargainish, but don't judge!
Thanks to users like TA and EasternCulture, I'm aware that many free e-books are available, but as far as I know, they're not best-sellers/popular books, which is probably what I'd mostly be after.
Speaking of free e-books, I'm also wondering whether you guys buy "expensive" e-books (say between $8-$15+) or do you just stick to the freebies and the cheapy books ($5 and under).

Weigh in my friends!
I'm just hoping that your responses won't turn me off getting a Kindle!!

N.B - I realise that the money spent on e-books isn't going to be the same from month to month, and that some of you may go months without buying anything at all. Just give me a rough average, otherwise explain in the comments what your situation is :)

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    $0 p/mnth - Isn't this Ozbargain?
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    $0-$5 p/mnth - I just get a cheap book here or there
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    $5-$10 p/mnth - I love my e-book reader!
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    $10-$20 p/mnth - Reading truly is escapism
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    $20-$40 p/mnth - A good read is well worth the money!
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    $40+ p/mnth - High(ly educated) Roller


  • I have spent zilch on eBooks, but my eBook library currently has around 250 titles.

    You know who to thank…

    If you are spending more than $10 a month on ebooks, wouldn't be wiser to just get a subscription with Kindle Unlimited (US $9.99 month) and get access to unlimited free books to read? Scribd also beats Amazon out at $8.99 per month.

    • Have you read and enjoyed most/all of those books, or are they just impulse downloads/downloaded cause they're free? I still don't have a Kindle and yet I have about 5 e-books that I downloaded about 4 months ago…
      before I was even planning on getting an e-reader. That's the OzBargainer in me I guess!

      Good point about Kindle Unlimited. Do you get to "keep" the book, or do you just d/l it every time you want to read it? End result is the same I suppose, but I like the idea of always having the book downloaded as I'm not planning on getting the 3G Kindle.