Good quality air conditioner for a bargain price.

Hi guys, I'm in need of a good quality air conditioner for a bargain price, does anyone know of any on sale at the moment? any help would be greatly appreciated, i live with my father and we can't afford much, thanks.


  • Btw, it needs to be a wall mounted system, and not hotpoint, we already have a broken portable hotpoint system here and it was useless.

  • Masters price match for extra 10% off:…

    Then get the 15% cashback offer from Samsung bringing the price to around $670 or around 30% discount off retail.

    • Excludes appliances

  • I think the airconditioner is the cheap bit compared to getting it installed/wired up? Was for me at least :(

    • i got quoted $900- $1000 to install 2 split system revers cycle air con's, quotes were from "" still looking around to see if i can find a cheaper price… or maybe do a online course.. get certified and install the air con's myself ? … nah .. to darn hot for that !

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