This was posted 9 years 6 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Xbox One with Kinect + 6 Games + Extra Wireless Controller = $599 Shipped @ MS Store


I think this is one of the best bundles out at the moment. The games included are Assassin's Creed Unity, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Dance Central Spotlight, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2 and Ryse: Son of Rome.

There is also a bundle without Kinect and only 5 games (same games as above but without Dance Central Spotlight) and a wireless controller for $499:…

As of now this is only going to be up for 7 more hours

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    Dont forget the cashback(
    Cashback on XBOX 4.00%

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    Tempted, not fussed on any of those games.. could sell them off but effort.
    Hopefully they do a price drop without games or at least something more exciting.
    PS4's winning in the lead up to Xmas so far imho.
    Still good deal for those interested in these games. The non-kinnect bundle is more exciting I feel.

    • In America there are deals that make the basic Xbox One around $350 which is pretty damn awesome, I hope we can get it that cheap one day. (I think it's mainly due to black Friday tho)

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      Not a competition though; the only winners should be the consumers, it's in our best interests to have both consoles stay competitive :) (just stay away from NeoGAF aka PSGAF haha).

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    I got this deal last night, as I wanted the Kenect and 500gb HDD. Seems a good deal over the $499, as you get the Kenect and another game for $100

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      Is the XBONE Kinect a HD version? Or are they still using the crappy 360p resolution?

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        Lol unnecessary downvote for asking a question. Found out after some extra googling, couldn't find it originally because worked was blocking the sites. Seems the XBONE Kinect is 1080p.

        • Possibly a misunderstanding in the phrasing of the question. I actually thought you were making fun of the old Xbox 360 and how it originally released without HDMI ie there was a 'HD' and 'non-HD' version. Then the 360p made me think you were making fun of consoles being low res/fps. Turns out you are talking about the actual camera?

    • Dance game is only worth $10. I don't see the value in kinect personally.

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    yep not too happy about Microsoft "adding value" by throwing in heaps of crappy games but not dropping the price

    Dance Central? gtfo with that crap

    i cant see why they all think we need all those shitty games… i suppose if you like AC you're in hog heaven

    • Yeah, personally hanging out for a Halo Bundle

      • yep, an xbox for $399 PLUS choice of one AAA game from this pile…

        go at it MS!

      • I'll hang with you on that one.

    • Sunset and Horizon 2 are 2 awesome new AAA games. Don't know what you are complaining about

      • granted but what about:

        Assassin's Creed Unity, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Dance Central Spotlight, Ryse: Son of Rome

        also as good as Sunset is, its not my thing so… also heaps of people hate racing games

        also Unity is great if you like sub 20fps beta slideshows

  • Does anyone know if the games are physical copies or just download codes? I read that the assassin creed games are download codes and that unity is a 50gb download :/. No value to resell the games is a bummer if these are all downloads

    • -1

      thats not true… people would pay for download codes but i'm not into being a code seller for microsoft… that's their job

      • So if I use the code and download the game, after I'm done with it I can then sell it? Even if so, that's much more difficult to sell

        • ^^^lol why would you think that would work???

          just say in an alternative universe, you dont like AC

          you can sell the codes WITHOUT USING THEM FIRST for money

          of course if you use them they are forever tied to your tag

          are you new to the xbox live world?

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          @tonyjzx: Your first comment was probably what made it confusing;

          No value to resell the games

          Resell generally means (in gaming) to sell after using/completing/redeeming

          thats not true… people would pay for download codes

          Which kind of implied you could sell the game after redeeming it.

        • -1

          thats not my interpretation at all

          its expected that you can never RESELL codes as they are one use only, i dont think theres ever been reusable codes in the whole history of the gaming universe

          you can resell them out of a brand new bundle if you dont like those games on the proviso that you never used it

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          @tonyjzx: I was asking if these are download codes or real physical copies in regards to selling/trading in the games once I am done (to which you did not answer or put any input to). Hence these have $0 resell value. Not sure why you are going off on a tangent. The concept of CD-key download codes are hardly X-Box specific but bundled download codes seem to be quite a new concept for consoles - for which they don't make very clear in the bundle offer details.

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          @tonyjzx: @tonyjzx:

          thats not my interpretation at all

          Remember; you don't write the comment for yourself, you write the comment for the other person, and in that respect you must be clear and concise.

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      Xbox One Assassin's Creed Unity Bundle
      Xbox One Wireless Controller
      Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One (Blu-ray Edition)
      Ryse: Son of Rome for Xbox One (Blu-ray Edition)
      Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox One (Blu-ray Edition)

      Game downloads from Xbox Live; Assassin’s Creed Unity requires up to 50GB; Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag requires up to 23GB. Assassin’s Creed Unity available to play beginning 13/11/14.

      Looks like Assasins Creed is download only the other games are discs.

      • Awesome! Thanks for the info. Where did you find the info about the other 3 games being blu-ray editions?

        Edit: Added to cart and then viewed order. Cheers mate

  • Bought it thanks, I returned the Xbox halo bundle I bought from target (unopened) last week with different games, got this one as it's got the extra controller. Went to JB and used the 20% off games voucher and bought farcry. Very happy with it all thanks.

  • Anyone know how long this will take to ship? Is it from Australia or overseas(Singapore?). Never bought from Microsoft store before so unsure.

    • I bought controller last sunday and I received it on wednesday.

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