This was posted 5 years 11 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm f1.8 $275 + Shipping + Surcharge (<$300) @ Gerry Gibbs Camera Warehouse


Not sure if anyone has seen this deal. I saw this when I was checking out the EM5 battery grip holder deal:

  • Cheapest ever for a brand new lens with Australian warranty
  • Cheaper than Grey Import
  • Cheaper than what most people are selling them in GumTree

This deal only applies to the black one. The silver one is more expensive. So, the image might be misleading.

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Gerry Gibbs Camera Warehouse

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  • This lens is very good value!

  • Amazing price for an amazing lens

  • The grip is still half price by the way, its not expired as OzBargain states.

  • Is this the older model? The 25mm is the newer lens right? I think they are both as sharp as each other. $17.95 shipping to Sydney

    Tempted to buy this and I don't even have a body yet…

    edit: I think I prefer the 25mm to be honest. 45mm prime doesn't seem too suited for portraits. 25mm gives a bit more content

    • They are very different lenses.
      The 25 is a normal and the 45 is a short tele.
      Portraits will have more background separation on the 45 compared to the 25
      That being said, as an owner of the 25, its still a beautiful lens

      • Which do you recommend to supplement the kit 14-42mm lens?

        • What sort of shooting do you do?
          My second lens was the canon 50 1.8 which is similar to the 45.
          It is a really fun focal length and there is a lot more background blur, I would go the 45.
          That being said, the 25 is also great, much more versatile, but less fun

        • 25mm f1.8 is more versatile; this 45mm f1.8 is still a good fast prime but is better for shooting portraits due to the longer focal length

        • @tomascivinod:

          I wouldn't say 50mm is equivalent to 45mm.

          The 50mm on a crop for Canon would be 1.5x, while the 45mm is at crop factor of 2 x, so it's quite a bit longer, 25mm would be more useful.

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          Depends on your shooting style. If you have to ask this question then you should probably just get neither and save your money. Shoot for awhile with the kit lens and see which focal length you prefer and then get a prime based on that.

    • What's the deal for the 25 mm?


    This is a beautiful lens! My friend was shooting NYE with it with no flash and shots were crisp with little noise (on his OMD).

  • Has anyone been able to get anyone to price match the grip? I need one but I dont really want to get one interstate

  • Amazing lens on the E-M1, especially in low light. It's super fast & pretty small. Everyone loves this lens!

  • The quality of this lens is just as good as my Olympus 12mm but half the price. My two favourite lenses. Such a good price for it!