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(Steam) Call of Duty AW Steam Gift USD$28.70 or A$33.00 @thebluedroid.com


Bought this for my brother 2 days ago, cheapest i've seen around but not the day zero edition :(
Should this not be the cheapest, please delete!

the A$25 price from the Russian steam store seems region locked btw.

be nice, be nice, :)

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  • This was just buy and get sent a key? No dodgy someone-logs-in-to-your-account-to-activate thing?


      Hello Mister Bung,

      This is just a steam gift link. No dodgy login thing. The activation procedure is the following:

      1. If you do not already have Steam, download and install Steam. Once you have Steam installed, you will be prompted to create an account or login to an existing Steam account. If you do not have an account, please create one.

      2. You will receive an e-mail containing a link that will open Steam to redeem your gift,after clicking on the link and logging into your account the game will be added to your game library.

      I do hope this answers your question.



  • The Store is not responsible for any issues regarding STEAM GIFTS. There is a risk of being banned by STEAM for selling and/or purchasing STEAM GIFTS. Please remember you are doing it at your own risk!

    Bit of a risk for anyone with a sizable Steam account.


      Hello Kuronai,

      As with all steam gifts there is always a risk when the source is unknown (if the game was purchased with a stolen credit card for examle).

      However at TheBlueDroid.com all of our suppliers go through a strict verification process to minimize all potential risk. We guarantee that NONE of the games sold through TheBlueDroid are obtained though illicite measures.

      Have a nice day,


  • Just bought it, received an email with the link, the game was added to my library and its downloading now.

  • Just purchased $33.53AUD - gift was sent to my steam (after account registration) and now downloading the 50Gb game.

    Speedy service as I got it within seconds after paying. Happy customer :)

  • Is the game still at ~$33? Seeing as AU$37.73 at the moment. Still cheaper than anywhere i can find but i gotta get dat ozbargain

    • The price seems to fluctuate. I bought my copy for $32 AUD yesterday morning, and bought another copy for my girlfriend in the afternoon and it was even cheaper. It was only 20 cents cheaper but yeah, it seems to change randomly…

      Still decent prices compared to the Steam price of $75 USD


      Hello RTD2,

      The prices auto switch to the next cheapest supplier as soon as we run out of stock. They will also change if one of our suppliers lower their price.

      Essentially it plays suppliers against each other to get the lowest price.

      I hope this clarifies why there are always slight price changes.



  • all good, I see I just missed out :( probably still pick it up