Suggestions on men's non iron business shirts?

Yes, you got me… I loath ironing and when absolutely necessary I'm painfully slow at it. I'll even wear a jacket if the weather isn't too hot to disguise the crinkly mess underneath! Ok, enough of my lazy nature!

I fluked a couple of Van Heusen shirts that wash great and don't need additional labour. I can't seem to see the difference with others I bought which are the same style and material. So that got me thinking, I need to invest in shirts so that I can retire permanently from ironing.

Recommendations on sites that have reasonably priced business shirts? Reasonably is a tough word, I would ideally like to stay under $50 per shirt, as I've never lashed out that much before.

Thanks in advance guys. :-)


  • Brooks at DFO have a sale for around $30 each.

  • Wear a jacket and just iron the part that shows.

  • three words:


    edit, it's actually two words (Pelaco TechnoCOTTON):

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    I used to work for a shirt company and currently suggest TM Lewin Non Iron

    Subscribe to get 4 for$200 and I think they currently have 25% off

    I now have around 30 -50 shirts and never iron. Hang them on a hanger to dry. Mine are almost all double cuff and they fit to your sleeve length etc so the fit should be perfect.

    Try in store then buy online. Or just buy 1 first

    Some alternative is Charles tyrwitt or brookes but the materials and fit for me is TM Lewin


    Most shirts don't need ironing - most of the time - if you just put them in the clothes dryer after washing, make sure they're all turned out the right way including the pockets, and remove before the cool cycle. Immediately put them all on coat hangers - and only then do the buttons up. (Don't do the buttons as you put each shirt on, because the others will wrinkle in the meantime.) Once you've had them on a few minutes, they look the same as if they were ironed, but you've had them on a couple of hours.

    • Serious question - why use a clothes drier in Australia? Admittedly hanging out a rack is annoying in our small apartment but stuff dries fast no matter what the season.

      • I find that it is not the actual drying that I use the clothes dryer for. I 90% dry my shirts on the line and then put them in the dryer for 10 minutes then immediately hang them on a hanger. The dryer gets most of the wrinkles out. Rivers cotton shirts are the worst for wrinkling and require tedious ironing. Bisley shirts are pretty good and require little or no ironing if you wash and dry them right.

        • Ooh interesting idea. If we didn't have one of those hopeless combined washing and drying machines I would definitely try that.
          Haven't ironed a shirt in… Since whenever the last job interview was.

  • Costco has magnificent non iron business shirts. It's their own brand 'Kirkland'. Plain or patterns. They are the best quality shirt I've ever seen. $30 from memory. May be cheaper.

  • Not sure on the lady's. I'm out of town at the moment and can't check either. From memory they only had men's.