Cheapest Place to Buy "Tales from The Borderlands?"

So I know this game isn't really all that dear at $23USD on steam(with 10% off) but cheaper is better.

Greenmangaming has a 25% off voucher which makes it $23AUD when converted from USD. That's the cheapest I've found so far.



    I would actually say that the best price of the game will be on the release day of the entire season.

    EXAMPLE: The Walking Dead Season 2 was marked down from 30 to $9.95 for a few days after the completion of the full season.

    :| That may be longer than you want to wait. Not helpful comment is not helpful.

    I wonder how many people will go into this game thinking it's an action game and not an adventure game.


    If you are interested, I can sell you a steam key of the game which I had received from PAX Aus earlier in the year. I'm definitely going to get this game on consoles (once it is released), so if you would want to buy the key for $20, that could always be an option?

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