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Instant Win Daily: 1 of 18 Lavazza Minù Coffee Machines (Valued @ $100ea) & Go into Draw for Trip to Rome (Valued at $14,416)



Closing Date 21/12/2014


Description 19 x Lavazza Minù Coffee Machines (18 Ins, 1 Drawn) + 1 xTen night trip to Rome
No. of Prizes 20
Total Prize Pool $16,316.20

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods Facebook, Website
Prerequisites n/a

- Scroll down slightly and click 'Play & Win'
- Watch the 1 minute video (you don't need to concentrate) then answer the question to see if you are an instant winner of a Lavazza Minù Coffee Machines.

Thanks to john1569 who asked me to post the comp and also won a coffee machine themselves.

Enter DAILY, one coffee machine given away PER DAY so bookmark and try each day. If you do win let us know in the comments and mark yourself as a winner. Regardless you will go into the main draw for a 10 night trip to Rome.

Update: You will need to authorise Facebook (first time only) to enter.

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  • Seems Facebook login also required?

    I got a different question & the answer was Ethiopia.

    Didn't win, but I guess it's possible today's has already been won!

    • Thanks nismo, it didn't ask me for Facebook but maybe I must have already authorised it, will update the comp and add that answer in.

      Yeah I figured today's might have been won already but no harm in trying since it's daily entry, I think a better chance early tomorrow though :)

  • +2

    i won it early in the morning, so todays has already been won.

    • +2

      I should have paid more attention to the time & date this was posted, I thought it was posted (and you had won) yesterday..

      At least we are learning about coffee. Lol

  • +1

    I got a different question as well…
    Forgot the exact question but the answer was Espresso…

  • Tried again, no win here. Question was 'Who is the biggest coffee producer' answer 'Brazil'

  • +2

    Didn't win
    In which country did coffee originate, answer Ethiopia

  • No facebook so can't enter :(

    • Good idea to set up a fake account with a different name no need to add friends or pictures, just use it for comps :)

  • Another answer is Bean Belt, I didn't win though.

  • +1

    Tried again, didn't win. Another correct answer is "Coffee with Milk"

  • Another Answer: "Hot water with Espresso"

  • Espresso, didn't win

  • I had a different kind of multiple choice option today, asking me which coffee I want, I chose the middle one (yellow) and lost again :-(

    • Same again today, getting really sick of these videos :P

      • I'm not even watching the videos anymore, I don't think you need to. Lost again, same second stage question today.

    • This is the second stage, the answers are all correct. But the winner is random. Didn't win btw..lol

  • I'm using my iPad and after doing it once it doesn't even go to a video or question it just says you lose….any one else getting this?

    • +1

      It's only 1 question per day :)

      • Yes I mean the next day :)

  • +3

    I'm a loser

  • I'm now on the 3rd stage, but still not a winner :-(

  • +1

    That coffee must be pretty damn cold by now

  • +3

    I guess I'm out, at least for now, stage 4 requires a twitter account - something I will never sign up for!

    • I was pretty annoyed when I saw it needed twitter too!

  • +1

    Stage 5, nearing Australia, mark on the map your location for chance to win.

    • Thanks to all the tweety heads, though I'm not after a trip to Italy, I just want the coffee machine!

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