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Xiaomi MiBand Fitness Bluetooth Wrist Band (Black) USD $19.99 Free Shipping from Nikingstore


100% genuine from Xiaomi, New in box, Sealed.
Shipped from Singapore, delivered in 7 - 12 days.

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    Does it work with iOS devices?

    • Yes, work with iOS. But the app is still in Chinese UI. So better to use under android.

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        Good beginning to learn some Chinese…

      • On Android, the APP is in English

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          or Chinglish?

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          @shmahoo: It's automatically switched according to your system language

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      We ship unit with original box, also ship by Singapore post not china post. Seems more promising. :)

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        What difference does it make? Item still comes from China. It's like as if Singapore made the item to begin with

      • Tiny Deal comes in the box too.

        Only difference is shipping. With TinyDeal you can add an extra 70c for "PostNL Registered Air Mail 10-15 working days".

        • my upgrade to postnl was actually free. No 70c extra charge!

      • One as "Cheap" as the other. It certainly won't arrive for christmas.

  • seen it $13 before.

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    Hi guys i assume this is not one of the fakes going around?

    Guys there is an English android app with extra features also available. Reviews for this band are very promising (for the price)


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    Wow a GENUINE Xiaomi?!

    Does this imply companies are now making cheap chinese knockoffs of cheap chinese knockoffs?

    The world is eating itself. :/

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      Yeah - you can tell the knock off of the knock off because it's spelled correctly

  • Their FB page says "…Support iOS now." So am assuming it would work with iOS. Can't say English or Chinese.

  • The iOS app is probably only in Chinese

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      Don't know. Left a post for them to respond but I reckon Nikingstore may be busy to attend to FB. Unless rep here can confirm :-)

      • I tested it myself with the latest APP from App Store, only english UI now. But I think they'll add english support in their upcoming upgrade.

        • Thanks - when is that upgrade happening? Do you know?

        • @silver_libran: I don't know, but can't be long, since I heard they're already working on it.

  • so genuine?

    • I can guarantee that.

      • thanks

  • Took the plunge and ordered two … now they just need to arrive before XMAS ??!?!

    • Probably not, xiaomi actually produces decent products that you can find reviews for. Even if this was well made I guarantee the companion app would be awful

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    Will the notification for phone calls work with the One plus one?

    • Don't have a One plus to test for you. Maybe you can test it for us? :)

      • Don't have an OPO yet. Planning to get one before the end of Dec.

  • Does the application absolutely require android 4.4 in order to function, or is that only for the notification feature?

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      It seems it's required to run the app. No only for the notification feature.

  • So it records steps and vibrates?? Is that all? Does it records heart beats? Can I use it with other apps?

    • as far as I know, it only record steps and vibrate. It means you only record the steps you walk and how long you sleep during the night.
      Of course, the Xiaomi add some extra function in the app, call lab, you can monitor some other stuff like rope skipping…but don't take those stuff seriously, just take them as some bonus thing.

      • Well I guess that would be asking a lot for 20 bucks or less. I will wait for a device that measures heart rate accurately. It would be worth the extra IMHO.

  • Op, do you have the wraparound leather strap? Thanks

  • Just ordered one for my Dad for Christmas. Really hope it gets here in time!!

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      Thank you. Will ship out your order today, hope it'll arrive on time. :P

    • @MyWah, how much was it in Aud pls?

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        Came in at 25 dollars…come to think of it, i forgot to use my 28 degrees card, which would have made it cheaper. Rookie mistake.

    • How was their turnaround.. . did the Xiaomi arrive ??

      • Yeah it did! Arrived in the 23rd, 12 days after ordering,right in time for Christmas.

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          Terrific! Great to read of them delivering for a fellow Sydneysider.

  • Has anyone received their miband? Was it worth the money?

  • Yes I got mine. Its pretty awesome for the price. Got a few friends who want one too.