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Win 1 of 5 Bottles of Jack Daniels Holiday Select Every Day



Closing Date 25/12/2014 11:59pm


Description 1 x 750ml Jack Daniels Single Barrel Holiday Select 2014
No. of Prizes 125
Total Prize Pool $18,750.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Unlimited
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

Could be the new tennis game for those bored of hitting a ball!

Just select a barrel and see if you win, if you don't you can try again!

Some interesting points in the conditions:

No more than 5 litres of alcohol product with an alcohol content exceeding
20% will be won by New South Wales residents. Once this limit is reached by
New South Wales residents, EFTPOS Gift Cards (to the value of $150 each)
will be awarded in lieu of the remaining alcohol prize.

If a Northern Territory resident is the winner, the winner/s will be awarded an
EFTPOS Gift Card (to the value of $150) in lieu of the alcohol prize.

Multiple entries permitted, subject to each entry being submitted separately
and in accordance with entry requirements. Only one (1) prize permitted per
person (excluding SA residents).

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closed Comments

  • OMG I just won! Was just clicking for about 5 minutes, not expecting that!

  • Think the 5 for the day might have been allocated. I'm going to try again after midnight.

  • Wow I think I just won! Well I found a bottle and entered in my details…does that mean I won?

    Edit: Looks like yes! Refreshed the page and it says that I can't play again as I have already won a bottle

  • Do you really have to click the correct barrels?

  • So just to clarify, do you have to select the golden barrels? or can i select any 5?

    • I selected the golden barrels and won on my third go. But who knows if you really need to do that.

    • Playing on mobile, I don't think it highlighted the barrels. I'd assume the coloured barrels are there to prevent auto-clickers.

  • Would they tell us if all 5 have been won for the day?

  • thanks so much, friend just forwarded me the link to this page and then I played and won on about the 5th try. Awesome! :))

  • I think I just won a bottle.
    Entered my details but haven't got a confirmation email or anything as yet.

  • I just won, i put in my details and it thanked me for entering. Then my laptop overheated and shut down straight afterwards. lol I hope everything went through okay. step_hen said he couldn't enter again after he won, and when i try to enter it again. It allowed me to. However im not sure if is because it didn't register my win, or because I was playing the game in google chrome incognito mode.

    • When I first checked after my win it said "Thanks for playing" or something. Then after I closed the browser and reopened, it let me play again. Mine was on mobile.

  • I just won.. I only clicked 2 barrels and the message popped up coudnt pick any more barrels from the same game

  • After a hour tried but not win

  • I won - I think they release the 5 bottles a day at random times. Entering over and over in a short period is way less likely to win than, for example, entering just a few times every one or two hours.

    However, I think people are wasting their time a bit with this competition, too many people are going for a very small number of prizes. Too many whiskey fans out there.

  • Finally won one, after quite a few separate sessions of clicking :) Woohoo!

  • Just picked up my bottle from the Post Office. It's a really cool looking bottle of Whiskey!

  • Awesome, I just won a bottle today, just waiting on a call.

    Thanks again Spackbace!!

    • Dont forget to mark yourself a winner :)

      9 winners so far with 9 days to go, thats roughly 45 bottles left to win… cmon guys & girls you can do it :)

      And that's a total winnings of $1350 in this comp alone! :)

    • how long did it take to win lol! i think alot of people are on the look out for a bottle too! :)

      • It took me a few hours all up, although when I actually won the bottle it only took a few rounds.
        I think Darkcraft's advice was pretty good, to play for a few minutes every few hours.

        Good Luck, hope you win a bottle.

      • reckon about 1-2 hours. Played it like 100 times but took me 15 minutes to figure out how to play the silly game. At 5 bottles a day.. the winning barrel will be placed roughly 4-5 hours apart. For me i won 2.5 hours after another winner.

  • Decided to try early in the morning/late at night and won a bottle!

  • I've played on and off for at least a couple of hours over a dozen or so sessions (some timed to be just before the winner comments here). No luck so far.

    I'm curious if the winners could share if they'd had success with the mobile version or the desktop? Mobile is obviously easier to do while multitasking, but if the strike rate is lower I probably won't bother.

  • I won also, although I was trying for about 20 minutes and towards the end just out of curiosity was somewhat randomly clicking, not sure if I did actually select all the correct barrels or not on my winning selection.
    This was on Sunday night I believe. I also haven't yet received a call which makes me question what I actually put down as my details… But looking at other people here it seems like I am not the only one still waiting for a confirmation.

    • …still no confirmation call :(
      I'm now certain I stuffed something up.

      • Contact them on Facebook, they might be able to match it up

        • That's actually a great idea! Thank you :D

        • They responded this morning, apparently I'm down as a winner and I should get a call in the next week or early next year :D

          Maybe they just have a system of contacting a certain amount of people a day/week and I'm far down on the list. Either way thats still some sort of confirmation so I'm happy! :)

          Thanks again for that idea!

        • Just got an email confirming I won and that it will be sent in the next 10 days! :D

  • Well they called me today and confirmed i will be getting a bottle sent to be after the new year. I guess they haven't reached the 5L limit yet when i won.

  • Yep just got my call too, and yeah she said they're looking to send them out early in the new year so look out for it in jan. Oh and for the record I'm a desktop winner, got it after just like 4 tries or something, not sure if I always selected the right barrels…

  • Just got my confirmation call, desktop winner btw.

  • Just got my call as well, same as the rest, said they'd be sending in the new year.

  • I finally won!!! Thanks OP!

  • Yes i won!!

  • I just won! :)

  • Received mine in the mail today

  • Got my $150 gift card today.

    • Damn :( Going to buy something special?

      • Once i find a good deal on ozbargain or maybe a video camera with a very good optical zoom 30-50X around $300, otherwise it would be irrelevant compared todays mobile phones/digital cameras

    • I received a gift card as well, would you have preferred the whiskey??