NBA London Tickets

Hi All,

Going to be in London when the Knicks play the Bucks.

Been looking around the internet for tickets and all are in excess of $350 for average seats.

Anyone had experiences using stubhub or similiar with these one off events.

Worth waiting until closer the time or is this as good as its going to get considering the event?.

Any suggestions on where to sit are also appreciated.


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  • Wouldn't be paying that for those two teams! Likely the stadium/event organizers have released limited seats at a premium for the die-hard fanatics who will bend over and happily pay top dollar. You're better off to wait until close to game time for another release of seats which will be priced to demand. If ticket sales slump, expect to get a bargain. Another way is to try the ticket stand at the stadium on the night. You might find a scalper flogging off cheap tickets. Not sure if UK have a version of Gumtree, also try that.

  • Just wondering - did you get tickets to this game?

  • Yes! Got then probably 4 hours before the game. Was in the lower tier of the wing. Paid a bit but worth every cent. Average game but still got to see some good blocks, dunks etc