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42" Sharp Full HD 100hz LCD TV with Xbox 360 Elite + 4 Games (Via Redemption) $2,050.00


Hi guys..This is my first ever post! ^_^
I hope you like the deal "GUYS" i think its a pretty good deal guys.

Sharp are having a promo for a free Xbox360 Elite + 4 games ( Halo3 and 3 others ) valued at $749 via redemption on selected Sharp LCD and LED TV's ( made in japan )

Models that are eligible for this deal are:

LC40LE700X - RRP $2,999.00
LC40LB700X - RRP $3,299.00
LC42D77X - RRP $2,599.00
LC46D77X - RRP $3,299.00
LC52D77X - RRP $4,299.00
LC65RX1X - RRP $10,999.00

I've just posted the cheapest LCD TV on the list i could find, as i feel its the best deal!
Here are some promo facts and link to the sharp promo site. http://www.sharp.net.au/lcd-promo/?s=home

  • Valid for purchases between 1/10/09 and 31/12/09
  • $25 shipping and handling fee applicable
  • This offer is available only at participating retailers
  • This offer is available on selected SHARP television models

The LED tv's look to be a good buy too as they are real backlit LED TV's and not edge lit.

Also see

LC40LB700X for $2,738.00 http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/plasma-lcd-tvs/lcd-tv/sharp-l... LED Back lit with Built in Bluray Player
LC46D77X for $2,450.00 http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/plasma-lcd-tvs/lcd-tv/sharp-l...

you may also be able to haggle a better deal on those prices!

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  • $25 shipping and handling fee applicable.

  • Samsung charged $33 for postage, handling & administration on the Free 22" LCD monitor deal not to long ago so i guess $25 is a little better. I still dont know why they charge anything at all. Would anyone ever pass up the chance to get an Xbox360Elite + 4 games to save $25 bux?

  • Looks pretty good, I'm very tempted by the 46 inch http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/plasma-lcd-tvs/lcd-tv/sharp-l... ($2,450) I might take a trip down to my local store and see if I can knock them down a bit more.

  • this is awesome if i didn't already got a lcd tv, great deal and find

  • looks good

  • +2 votes

    I've seen some 42" full HD at around $1400-$1500 (example http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/plasma-lcd-tvs/lcd-tv/lg-42lh...).

    Could anyone tell me why this one is $2050? If it's because of the xBox.. then it's not really free isn't it?

    Apologies if it's a stupid question, I'm totally noob at LCD TV. Still hanging on with my CRT at home :P

    • For starters, Sharp LCD has 100Hz screen refresh rate which is heaps better viewing experience compared to any 50Hz TV.

      • That itself alone is it worth the $500 difference?

        How can you tell the difference btw is it when the image is moving and 50Hz has less smooth movement?

        • Yes it is, the 100Hz units have a de-judder process. Once you see it, you know exactly why it's worthwhile spending that extra money. I have a TV without it, bought it 2 years ago when 100Hz sets were quite expensive, but if I was getting a TV today it would be one with good de-judder/motion compensation like the Samsung B650/B750.

          • @cyssero: u should note that 100hz is 100% USELESS for watching movies and normal tv. The only thing it's good for is sports stuff.

            If you set 100hz on normal channels it looks really weird.

            Personal experience for my 100hz 42"

            • @neosin: Totally agree . I've seen 100Hz in action at a couple of friends homes and it does indeed look really weird . It certainly isn't better . The worst I've seen was on high a end 50" Samsung , Fantastic picture but the 100Hertz made it bad . No biggy you can turn it off . This is still a great deal for a quality Proper LCD backlit LCD if you happen to want and XBOX as well.

    • sharp lcd’s are much better quality than LG ones.
      at least according to reviews.

  • anyone know what games u can get other then Halo3?

    • Well the box covers shown are Halo 3 ODST, PURE, Lego Batman, and ???.

      But in the T&Cs which 4 games you actually get are at the discretion of the promoter, so who knows?

    • 3 copies of Perfect Dark Zero cause nobody else wants them?

  • I think The Good Guys will beat people by 20% and less for cash.
    So… Cha-Ching?

  • i'm only voting positive because of your use of the word "guys."


  • But wait guys there's more!. guys do i have a deal for you today guys!! lol

  • can anyone confirm that jbhifi participate in this deal?

    found that myer, dj, gg and etc don't.

  • Participating retailers are identified by the presence of promotional material for this Gift Offer at the point of sale (shop), or as listed in advertising material (such as press, TV or catalogue). The promotion excludes the purchase of any refurbished product or the purchase of specified products directly from the Promoter (Sharp or Sharp Direct), through Commercial or Business-to-Business transactions, any online discounter, online bidding or auction websites (for example www.ebay.com.au), or otherwise purchased through non-participating retailers (such as, but not limited to, The Good Guys, David Jones, Myers, Dick Smith Electronics, Powerhouse stores, Big W, Kmart, Target) - ("Excluded Transactions"). The promotion includes the purchase of specified products through online sales conducted by a participating retailer that also has a physical sales outlet (shop front). The Promoter at its sole discretion shall have the right to refuse any claim for any Excluded Transaction.

    • If you click on the links to the TV's listed on the JBwebsite they do list a free Xbox360 Elite with the TV both on the online store and the store front website! Its a simple matter of checking before you buy! to make sure you get the deal! :)

  • Note that these Sharp LED LCD TV's don't do local dimming.

  • the sharp xbox deal is exclusive to the NARTA buying group which includes companys like jb hi fi , bing lee, radiorentals, electrical discounters etc david jones is also part of the buying group but for some reason is excluded.

  • nice one..sharp make good tvs