Team Member Discount- Coles, Target, Kmart, Officeworks

I saw a deal taken down just then of team member discount but I wanted to find out what the special discounts are over the christmas break. I've confirmed a 10% coles discount but were unsure of others.

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  • it used to be 10% for everything, but 5% for officeworks. things might have changed though

    • 5% at K-Mart, Target, Coles, Officeworks and Liquorland at all times. We sometimes get double discount at specific stores for a certain period, such as before Christmas.

      • looks like coles staff disc no longer being accepted in kmart and target starting this year…

  • At the moment, its 10% off coles, target, liqourland, k-mart. still 5% off officworks unless you work there then it's 20% off

    • Was wondering if there were any specials discounts for officeworks this christmas Thanks Camoqs

      I know if you work for target you get 15% on clothing.

  • Does anyone know when this 10% is vaild until? And can i use the 10% for ps4 games and consoles at target?