Authorised Retailers for Jaybird (Bluebuds X IEM's)

Hey all,

I'm in the market for this particular BT IEM's and I'm struggling to find an authorised retailers for Jaybird in Australia.

Jaybird's website says there are none and i find that hard to believe and their live chat help is quite useless, so hoping someone might have had experience with Jaybird products and their authorised retailers here in Australia.

I'm really just after a genuine Jaybird product and a retailer who i can deal with in case i need to have it repaired/replaced under warranty.

There are a number of retailers selling these, Exeltek, Progadgets, Phonelord and so on, but only Phonelord claim to be Jaybird authorised retailer in Australia on their eBay website.

Any feedback would be great.




    Apple store hold Jaybird stock, usually only one or two models.

    I purchased a pair of Bluebud X about 18 months ago and Apple have a great returns policy


      really? you get full refund even for earphone before 2 week? i was advised ok for other product but not for something we can install (software) and wear (hygiene)

      i tempted to try :D


        Good point actually,
        I am not sure how they might handle that actually,

        I'm sure if you ask onstore or online they can clarify


        But I am very very satisfied with my Bluebuds. Good sound, solid build, easy to pair and last a long time between charges


    im considering this and also jabra rox.

    saw Jaybird at one of the optus store at sydney cbd i think


      Yeah i looked at just about all of them and then finally narrowed it down to 4 of them:

      The gave up on Plantronics because of too many reports they leak sound out and let a lot of outside noise in.

      Jabra i gave up because of too many feedbacks pointing out that the sound quality was not that great.

      And the LG ones i gave up simply because they look fragile in the reviews i watched and not much feedback on them because they are too new.

      So that left Jaybirds and they get overall good feedback, except some reports that they break due to sweat even though they are meant to be sweat proof. Not an issue for me though as I'll be using them as my day-to-day set rather than when exercising (which i don't do much of anyway). The fit and sounds quality is apparently the best of all BT IEM's currently available.


        i have the plantronic fit. it supposed to be sit on your ear not stuck hard in.
        if you just use for walking around then this more suitable otherwise you might get hit by bus :)

        those jabra sport is exmpensive, rox is cheaper.


        Did you compare battery life? I'm interested in getting bluetooth earphones, but battery life is a big factor for me. I take the train to work and it is about 1 hr each way. It would be annoying to recharge every second day (smartphones are bad enough).


          My plant fit battery, very good around three days, my trip also around 1 hr train from home to office.
          So 6 hrs? Plus more if I use it during lunch break as well.


    Ah thanks for that. I actually didn't think of Apple. Good to see they are selling them since they have the best warranty process IMO and that is coming from an Android user. :)

    They are a bit more expensive there, but worth it IMO.


    $199 in apple store sydney, just bought one. will play during holiday if not happy will refund. confirmed we can. in 14 days max

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