Buying new workboots with reimbursment

I am starting a new job on the 12th of Jan that requires me to have black steel cap boots, as I will be working in logistics.

The company can reimburse me up to $100 for the boots (which is fantastic)

I am looking at some decent shoes and don't mind paying a bit out of pocket for say Hard Yakka - homer lace up boots (RRP $169) or Steel Blue Ecula boots
Links here:……

Now I have found a few websites such as and

That have the boots from between $105-$135.

Now for my question;
Does anyone have any experience with buying these types of boots from an online seller or could anyone suggest a brick and mortar store where I might be able to get them?

Or even a suggestion about a quality workbook near the $100 mark



  • I have a pair of blundstones, they're okay - they're heavier, but they have lasted. My brother has steel blue, he recommends those. They do have better cushioning/support. If i was to go for another pair, i'd go the steel blues.

    Some people prefer the high cut, some don't want that, so keep that in mind. Also, if you're considering slip ons or some type of latch system, make sure you're allowed those at work. Some sites only allow lace-ups. If you're working with chemicals you might need chemical resistant sole.

    Might want to tell people where you're located.

  • i had a job for a short while that required steel caps. got a pair of real heavy duty boots with thick soles which were total shit and (profanity) my feet (accurate description) for a good 2 years afterwards. moved on to some regular blundstones (a style similar to R M william boots) with steel caps and loved those. personally, I'd go for R M Williams style steel caps. but of cause it depends on whether you will be standing in them for hours upon hours and what type of feet you have and the types of shoes you use already, etc

    i wore a pair of 7 hole Dr Martin steel caps for 3 years whilst working in Logistics in the late 90's. they were were awesome. I'd also recommend them.

    • I'd go for R M Williams style steel caps.

      Some sites don't like slip ons. Might be a little less strict in logistics, but it's something to be aware of.

  • I had some steel blue ones at my last job. Mining related company that required me to go onsite occasionally. Were always very comfortable. The plus being that they made office style steel caps that were not massively bulky like the others.

  • I wear Mongrels. Have laces and zip, light weight and very comfortable. They only have a 6month warranty though due to the soles.

    The site I worked for didn't allow slip ons, they later flipped and frowned upon laces. Really frustrating. (Government based)

  • Thanks a heap guys, I will look into them!
    Probably looking at lace-ups as most of the employee I saw were wearing them.

  • I bought some $40 pilbara stuff from target (i was in hurry)

    after 6 months the heel inside is disintegrating but I can just buy a 2nd set next year and get them to pay for it

    • I did see the Pilbara brand but though they might be a bit on the poor side of durability
      Cheers for the info.

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