[PRICE ERROR] Feiyu FY-G4 3-Axis Gimbal (GoPro Hero 3 & 4 Compatible) for $63.54 Shipped @ GoodLuckBuy

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Feiyu FY-G4 3-Axis Handle Gopro Gimbal Steady Camera Mount Gopro Hero4/3 Compatible

This is probably a typo but it's featured heavily on their site. Cheapest I could find even on eBay is $420 shipped. They also have the G3 Ultra but why would you get it when it's only $10 cheaper.

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    Good luck buy … you might get a product. Somehow doubt it …


  • Looks like they actually meant to sell it for $299, which is $50 less than normal. Somehow they ended up making it $50. Doubt they'd honour it, but who knows!

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    Looks dodgey as shit, however I have bitten. Will keep you posted - I opted for the $20 DHL shipping too.

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    The G3 Ultra is also a Typo @ US$40 (GOOD NEWS: Sales $259 from 1st January 2015 to 3rd January 2015,only 3 days)

  • Good luck me. I took the plunge.
    Bought quite a few things from them before without any problems.

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      Yeah, I checked and the company has been around for quite a few years from what I can see.

  • Yeah I took the bite and bought 2!, though I didnt see an option for shipping via DHL. And paid with Paypal just in case

    I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

    • Is PayPal safer than using a card?

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        Yep, always.

        • It's a pity because I get double the warranty using my Platinum MasterCard.

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          @jaxxon33: you still get the warranty if you add the same card in Paypal and use it when you paying.

    • Just so you know.. my order was cancelled ;(

  • I would delete this if you want to increase your chances of getting it!

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      It's advertised on their front page, may as well have some OzBargainers share in the spoils…if they ship them :)

  • Bought one paid by paypal with DHL hopefully we will get it
    Thx for the link

  • I'm very tempted….just don't want to get screwed. I can see it on the front page as well (except it says Discount price: 109)

    • Ok…bought one with DHL. Came to about $88AUD. Now we wait…

  • I assume DHL has tracking??

  • I preordered one at $420 from Skytech Innovation but I just took a punt and went with the UPS option costing just over $90.00 using paypal. Lets see if miracles do really happen.

  • Giving it a shot…

    2 of them with DHL shipping paid using paypal via 28 deg

  • Took a punt at this too, hopefully it comes through!

  • Was tempted at first but cosidering the Terrible reviews with not even a full '1' out of 10 overall… I'm gona take a pass. Sometimes things are just too good to be true.

  • I'll give it a miss as I don't need it. Hopefully those that do need it get it before those that jumped as opportunists.

  • Haha, took the punt too. Now to get a gopro.

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    gave it a shot… hope I get my money back if they don't honour. Anyone know if we can dispute this Paypal trans if it goes south?

    EDIT: Found

    Must Read Before list dispute:
    1.if your item not receive,you can check from my shipping searching center to get your tracking information.the Link: http://www.goodluckbuy.com/delivery/search.php
    2.if your item received have problem,i think you should report me first,my Email:[email protected],i will reply soonly,i would solve your problem kindly and fastly!
    3.I promise offer 100% Satifiation Service,Inlucde re-send item&refund payment;
    4.Dispute is harm to my paypal and Ebay account,one dispute may bring my account close,i hope you understand my Hardness,we are friend,not enemy!
    4.Thank you for stop list disput for me,Hope we can do more bussiness in future!
    My other contact information:
    Msn:[email protected] Skype:goodlucksell Phone:+08613509682727 Office phone:+8675582796513 website:www.goodluckbuy.com,thank you!
    Kind Regards!!

    • I'm curious about this too. WHy is everyone so hesitant? Does this company really have that bad of a reputation that everyone is scared to purchase from them?

      Will Paypal honor my dispute if I don't receive my item, and how long would I have to wait?

      • HAH, just give them a google to see why everyone is hesitant.

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    Good Luck to everyone who has ordered this.

  • I ordered one but I expect to get a email in 24 hours saying it was a mistake in the listing and I will be refunded. I have got the same email before when a flight controller was listed as 10 sensors but only had 6.

    • yep, thats the best case scenario from my experience… an Instant refund.

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    Ordered one as well, good luck to us all!

  • I gotta say this is just wasting your time and risking grief. There is no way this site will honour the transactions - so really you are just making paypal transfers for the fun of it. And Paypal are not pleasant to deal with EVER. So you may or may not have buyer protection but with a bad rep already - these guys will likely try and screw you……

    • Having dealt with them before I can say there not out to try to screw you.

  • bought one as well

    goodluck to us all

    if this works thank you so much OP!!

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      Even if it doesn't work, it's the thought that counts :P

  • FKKKK I fkt up,

    somehow ordered with no tracking

    how do i cancel an order

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    Ordered, fingers are crossed.

  • Ordered one lets hope for less trouble. An item or quick refund would be excellent. Am I asking for too much.

  • what purpose would you use this? instead of holding the go pro just hold the pole? might as well get one of those go pro poles then? sorry just want to see what people have to say before i go and buy one too lol

    • Gopole no where near as steady

    • This isn't just a pole, it's a stabiliser.

  • Bought one late last night, website made me register but was seamless enough, I'm anticipating slow packing and shipping but given the price I can hardly complain., Will try it on my SJ4000 before springing for a GoPro4, hey if it doesn't turn up I do the chargeback.

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    Yes…it has motors that turn the gopro so it stays steady…watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_P69RGeLrM

  • Might no get to me before I go snowboarding but worth a try at this price

  • bit the bullet and purchased. I hope it's not some cheap knock-off. I purchased with DHL (which hopefully gives me a tracking no.) and Paypal, was that the best thing I could do in this situation?

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      Yeah, I think so. I did exactly what you did. DHL has tracking and Paypal 'should' help out if there is a problem.

    • I did the same as you, but won't hold my breath as that's what's displayed now:

      "GOOD NEWS: Sales $299 from 1st January 2015 to 3rd January 2015,only 3 days!!"

      Clearly it was a pricing error.
      Guess it's up the the company to decide if it will honor the price, but they have every right not to.
      Fingers crossed.
      Hope people don't go off like they did with Lenovo error pricing a while back…

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        I'm hoping they honor it too but from the reviews everyone keeps posting, I don't see this company doing that. They seem to have hard enough trouble maintaining a normal company, let alone one that had a pricing error.

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    Oops, price just went up to AU $443.52

  • Looks like they revert the price back to $349. Did anybody receive any email from them? Possibly not honouring the order?

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      Not yet…will let you know if I get an email

      • Thanks buddy.

      • It looks like it was an obvious error. I wonder if they'll refund the monies or honor their error.

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    I brought 3 this morning using Paypal & have brought from them previously without any problems. You have the 45 days buyer's protection from PayPal if the items don't turn up.

  • Oh oh. The website isn't even up and running anymore.

    • …If it went down… It's back up now.

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    Only just noticed there's a 2 week delay with gold being shipped. Hopefully they forget about the stuff up by then and dispatch it.

    • What do you mean gold being shipped?

      • There are two colour variations you can get of this item.
        Gold says there is a 2 week wait.

      • There's a colour choice between blue and gold. It just refers to the little coloured bands that go around the gimbal motors. Both are exactly the same in function. Just aesthetics.

        • Ah cheers. Still no news though, fingers crossed…

  • I just got issued with a refund via PayPal 10 minutes ago.

  • My account says refunded but i cannot see any refund in paypal.

    • Did you pay via credit card or PayPal balance? I think if it was via card it goes back to the card.

      • I paid via PayPal.

  • Just got a refund to Paypal too, ah well!

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    They just refunded my PayPal too. To good to be true! Damn!

  • I got the refund also :(
    If you check the refund email it says that refunds by card go directly back to the card used.

  • Ditto…refund :(

    I wonder what happens if the exchange rate has changed since we paid. Probably only a dollar or 2 anyway. O-well, it was worth the risk

  • props to them for being so prompt with the refund process. I'm happy! :)

  • Just got a refund too…I started to think that the whole thing was a PR stunt..they just want us to set up account with them and to grow their mailing list!

  • Sad :(

  • And now I really want one too. Anyone have any suggestions?

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      Cheapest I found was to pre-order from ebay from skytech innovation. They have it for $420 with a free mobile phone clip attachment. Australian based.

      • I didn't realize they cost that much RRP. Have they been out for awhile or is this something new from the likes of Kickstarter. I've only recent heard of them but there must be cheaper alternatives out there.

        $420 is the price of a new GoPro as it is, I don't feel that it would be value for money buying an accessory at that price.

  • I got the refund also.
    It was worth a shot - pity it didn't work out.
    Would have been a great way to start a year.

  • Thought it was too good to be true. Worth a try thou.

    I would buy one at normal price if ONLY u can use the protector case with the goPro.
    Or the very minimum enough space to fit a lens protector.

    • +1

      If the stabiliser itself isn't water-resistant, there might not be much reason to support the gopro housing?

      • I only use a skeleton case (sound capture, use of LCD), but its just as big as the std waterproof case.
        But it still protects the lens from most elements (dust, scratches, fingers, etc…)

        • you must have a huge skeleton frame! Mine neatly fits around the camera, which makes it virtually the same size as the bare camera, except for the mount of course.

          Lens protection is a good idea. You could use a gopro lens protector like this though.

          Genuine one here.

        • @eug:
          That's the "Frame" that you are showing in that pic, different to the skeleton housing.


        • @unco: Oh yes you're right. I have both a Sony and GoPro, and Sony calls it the Skeleton Frame.

          What is the purpose of the gopro skeleton housing? (when used with a stabilizer)

        • @eug:
          The skeleton housing gives it basically the same amount of protection as the fully closed housing minus the waterproofing.
          Good for when you need that protection but want to keep it exposed to easily access the ports and capture sound with the inbuilt microphone.

          From memory you should have the skeleton housing come as a standard accessory included in your gopro purchase.
          I got one with the Hero 3 Black and Hero 4 Silver packs.

        • @unco: I can understand if used with action sports and the likes, but the stabilizer itself is fragile, so IMHO the caseless mounting method is a fair match.

          I got the full underwater housing, not the skeleton one.

          Speaking of housings, hopefully the GP5 will be water resistant to a degree without the housing, like the JVC, Drift, and new Sonys. It's just added bulk for people who aren't taking it underwater.

        • @eug:
          Yeah I agree with your point about not using the skeleton housing with the gimbal. The gimbal itself wouldn't withstand bumps much I'd imagine.

          I hope the next gopro is waterproof without needing a case too, we can only hope!

        • @unco:
          My pov would be, I rather lose 1 gadget in an accident then 2 gadgets.
          Considering their both not cheap.

  • I need a cheaper alternative to this!

    • Yeah, I kinda want one now too

  • I bought one for my quadcopter from Hobbyking for about $120. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__55238__Quanum_Q_2... It is only a 2 axis, but Hobbyking do sell a 3 axis for about $180.

    If you want to know the difference between a 2 axis and 3 axis have a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwIGXOj9Soc The only difference (I think) is that these don't have a pole that is attached. I can't see how the one from GoodLuckBuy is worth $400??

    Does anyone know of a GOOD cheap alternative??

  • Doing some quick research the only decent stabilizer I could find at a decent price was the Hague MMC Mini Motion Cam Camera Stabilizer. Granted it's not electronic but reviews seem to point to it doing pretty much the exact same thing.

    And who knows, maybe one day GoPro will get wind of it and create something under their own brand, just like they plan to do with drones.

    • I saw a similar steadicam stabiliser on Banggood, only $25

      • I would need more details than that

  • I got my refund yesterday. no luck on this one.

  • Not sure exactly what's going on but goodluckbuy seem to have sent an email with everyone's details and lots of people are raging and pressuring GLB to honour the price.

    Anyone here know any way we could somehow force them to honour it?

    • I haven't heard about this. Need more details as I never got an email from GLB. Just one from Paypal saying it got refunded.

      • From: GLB Store ([email protected]) You moved this message to its current location.
        Sent: Sunday, 4 January 2015 3:44:18 PM
        To: alot of people

        Dear customer,
        the mail is from www.goodluckbuy.com
        thanks for your order to the item sku105709 or sku110205
        but there is a wrong price we set before
        we are so sorry for the mistake
        if sku105709 it should be $259
        if sku110205 it should be $299
        would you like to pay for the difference
        if not,would you like us to ship the other items of your order and refund the gimbal
        or you would like to refund the full order
        what do you think about
        expect to your reply,thanks
        sorry again for the inconvenience

        Kindly Regards
        The GLB

        • It looks like you ordered other items with it and that's why they emailed you.

        • @YellowKnight:

          i didn't, i ordered two gimbals

        • @hockysa: It looks like they were hoping you would pay full price for at least one of them.

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