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FREE Slurpee On Wednesday 7th November (As Apart Of 7-Eleven Day)!!!


On Wednesday, 7th November (7/11), 7-Eleven will be celebrating with all of Australia by giving away a FREE Slurpee to every person who walks into a 7-Eleven and says to the guy behind the counter: "Happy 7-Eleven Day"!!!

How It Works:

WHEN: Wednesday 7th November - between 7am and 11pm

HOW: Go into any 7-Eleven and say to the guy behind the counter, "Happy 7-Eleven Day" - and then you'll get a FREE small Slurpee!

WHERE: Any 7-Eleven store, limit of one small Slurpee per customer per store


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  • Nice deal!

    Here is the store locator so you can find the closest store near you. Interesting that in US, the 7 Elevent Day is 11 July, but here in Australia because of the way dates are written, it is 7 November.

  • No 7eleven nor krispy kreme in Perth. Why do all the good things happen in the Eastern State?! :(

    • Yeah, sure! Come, move to Sydney, and I can guarantee you that you will want to move back after a week :)

  • yeah maybe from sydney. but come to melbs and you wont want to leave,

    • True. Melbourne is great! :)


    • Any success story yet? I am still stuck in the office :(

  • i've had mine!!!! :D

  • I walked into my local one, said "Hi, Happy Slurpee Day"
    Clerk says "Thank you very much, please have a small slurpee"

    The small slurpee is very small compared to the large but I'm not complaining it's free.

    1 down, going to get another one (at another location) after work. By the way, there was no one else asking for the free slurpee and this was at lunchtime.

  • Didnt have mine yet although i have a 7-11 100m away.. later tonite after dinner! Its too cold now! Haha…

    • Yeah. Sydney weather feels like Melbourne today :)

  • grabbed 2 today, one of the small cups was bigger than the other, the old ones are shit the new ones are way bigger. oh well it was free yeaha

  • Got 3, 1st store mentioned before, 2nd had a separate guy giving out small cups ( a few people there getting slurpees), 3rd store, guy laughed when I said it and told me small slurpee.

    I guess most people aren't saying Happy 7/11 day but just asking for free slurpee.

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