[WARNING] Unlimited 4G T-Mobile USA Sim (30 Day Expiry) - $20 + $3 Shipping

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This site has allegedly copied another site and has also only been in business for a week. Links removed. The website is now not functioning. If you have purchased, you may want to seek a refund.

Hey Guys,

Just came back from my trip last week to New York and wanted to share about a really good deal I got from Mod: Removed URL. Didn't want to post until I knew they worked well… lol.. Worked AWESOME

Basically its the same T-mobile deal others are advertising but much cheaper!!! Details below and also on their website, check it out


  • Unlimited 4G LTE Data
  • Unlimited International Landline Calls (doesn't include mobile credit but I bought some when I was there)
  • Unlimited USA Mobile/Landline Calls
  • Unlimited International/National SMS

Lastly this is my first post, so hopefully all correct

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  • Damn, I paid $40 from Travel Sims Direct last week:(. Great deal though.

    • -1

      Ya i know, I mentioned it above, but I saw on their website in the About us page they have a price beat guarantee, stating the following

      "Best Price Guarantee: Seen a better price? Contact us and we promise to beat it! We strive to always beat any Australian price and if you have seen our products sold by any other Australian based business we vow to beat it every single time!"

      I actually think you might be able get it cheaper from them now.. haha

      See how you go

      • I doubt they would honour it, since this site is a scam.

  • Damn - I paid $ 58 for the same deal back in Nov/Dec 2014 lol. FYI - I know it says 4G but most of Aussie mobiles are not compatible with the 4G network in USA due to the frequency they use over there. I used my Samsung S4 i9056 and I can tell you I've never had any 4G connection while I was in NYC.

    One more thing, T-mobile coverage is pretty awful if you go outside Manhattan i.e: in Brooklyn, Flushing, Yonker, Harlem, Bronx, etc. The reception is pretty poor and a lot of blank spots.

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      One more thing, T-mobile coverage is pretty awful if you go outside Manhattan i.e: in Brooklyn, Flushing, Yonker, Harlem, Bronx, etc. The reception is pretty poor and a lot of blank spots.

      Maybe your mobile doesn't support the frequencies the networks used in those locations.

      • Absolutely false. I am typing this from my T-Mobile sim in Riverdale, Bronx. Reception is not an issue, except when you're in the subway. Naturally Manhattan has the best reception, but I've never had call dropouts or my mobile net not working when outside of Manhattan. You even have reception when taking the Staten Island Ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island.

        Source: In New York right now, have been here 3 times in the past 18 months and used T-Mobile every time.

        Edit: replying to Gorodemon

  • Hawaii coverage is good - have asked if they'll ship 2 for a single shipping fee for the me & the wife.

  • Nice find OP, such a bargain!

    If only there was something like this for Canada too, the most generous data provider (Wind) charge $25 for a sim card alone.

  • So you can't actually know the number until you ENTER the US though, is that correct? It says it's messaged to you ?

    It's a pity you can't know the number beforehand.

    Travelling to SF in a few weeks so this looks good otherwise

  • HI Williamblom, this is a good deal. How long did you have to wait for your SIM card after you ordered it?

    • in FAQ it says its just a few days

      "Shipping within Australia is 1-3 Business Days via Express Post 3-5 Days via Registered Post"

  • I have first hand experience with T-Mobile SIMs, having just came back from 5 weeks traveling all over the USA. Their LTE network is acceptable where you can reach it but their "4G" network (ie 3G HSPA+) is congested and near useless.

    Basically, there are two scenarios:

    1) You have a very new phone, with substantial LTE band support - the iPhone 6 is the market leader in this regard.
    2) You have an older phone, with a lot fewer LTE band support - eg the iPhone 5 or other phones from that era (or earlier).

    Scenario 1)
    The Australian iphone 6 has very good support for T-mobile in the USA, including their LTE network (but not band 12). This means that you will get acceptable coverage and service in the cities and populated areas, basically whenever LTE is showing on your phone. Head off the interstate or outside of towns and metropolitan areas (or in lifts, car parks etc) and you will get congested/horrible 4G (HSPA+), horrible "E" (Edge), or horrible GPRS. For other new phones you will need to check that your phone is compatible with the T-mobile LTE bands.

    Scenario 2)
    You will get congested and horrible "4G" (HSPA+), horrible "E" (Edge) or horrible GPRS. Not worth the money at all.

    Basically, if you are going T-Mobile, you need to check that you can get their LTE bands and be prepared that LTE in metropolitan areas and on the interstate is the only scenario in which you will get acceptable service and speeds.

    Even with a very good phone for T-Mobile (IPhone 6), if I was travelling to the USA I would look to get an AT&T sim instead at greater cost. My time on holidays is too important to me and I need good coverage to figure stuff out while out and about.

  • this is great deal. If you go to the US and buy sims in store, it is more expensive. I spent over $50 last time for limited (reasonable amount) of calls /text and 5gb 3G data. What I got was the best deal in the store at the time, I even researched online for comparisons and asked the store assistant to help. This deal beats mine by a mile.

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    Can i buy this ahead of time and activate it later? Going to USA in fall and could use it then. Is there an expiration?

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    Are there any similar AT&T sim deals anywhere?

  • New Zealand travel Sims?

    • Cheaper to get a local SIM at the airport. Spark $19 value pack is a popular one, if you want more and cheaper data get on 2degrees (uses Vodafone network, but its completely different to the Australian vodafone, coverage & speed are all good).

      • Thanks heaps for the info

  • hrmm it doesn't appear to register the date of return from USA?

    • Yeh I have 2 in my shopping cart and both descriptions show the return date the same as the departure date. Unsure whether to proceed..

      • +1

        It sounds like a scam, don't proceed

  • +5

    Hi everyone. I own www.usaprepaidsimcard.com.au and the style, layout and some content of usatravelsims.com looks to be lifted from my website. Feeling quite shocked and sickened to be honest.


    I've already contacted www.usatravelsims.com directly via email and text message too.

    And my web designer flashpal.com also notified.

    Not sure if the above tells you anything about this business….

    • I don't think that the design was lifted in any way, but Your point about domain registration being only 9 days old and already we have a user (who is new) posting about it after an alleged trip to New York does make it sound highly dubious.

      • +3

        My website designer has looked already and can confirm that the code has literally been lifted. My site was a custom designed and coded site.

        The design is literally copied and pasted in parts too:

        • +3

          Funny stuff!

          usatravelsims.com has some commented out markup with this link in it https://www.linkedin.com/pub/nick-brennan/46/657/3a0 which is you I take it! "Founder & CEO www.usaprepaidsimcard.com.au" - it appears uncommented on your site, as you'd expect.

          Glad I didn't proceed.

          Chase this up and kick their arses Nick!

          Might need to order our sims through you. Can you match the deal? ;)

        • +1

          that's really unfortunate, best of luck in getting the site taken down if there are copyright/trademark infringements

        • +1


          I can't match the deal because the only thing I mark up is the cost of the sim card.

          The cost of the plans are sold at cost, just converted to Aussie dollars. eg my top plan I sell at $75AUD, costs $60USD (Aussie dollar currently at 79c!)

          But I'm happy to do a good discount on the cost of the sim card if that helps. Website doesn't have any discount code input so you'd need to email to do a custom order.

          Am so pissed off that someone just literally steals design, code and content from me!

        • @getsharp:

          Yep that's me. Far out. I can't believe they've been so flagrant about it!

        • +1

          @nickster9999: It's a low act, and it's not even subtle! Good luck with it. We're traveling in March we'll consider you for sure. Cheers

    • +2

      I'm also getting a little suspicious. The website was not even setup on the 20th of Jan

      Also, the logo of usatravelsims is currently a trademark infringement and they could potentially get sued by USA Network

    • +3

      Regarding the website layout being copied, there isn't a great deal you can do unless you have money to be spending on lawyers just to stop a competitor who might not even be a threat. It happened to me once with a website I once run and while the website was almost a direct clone down, even their web host was reluctant to take it down.

      The fact OP just got back from New York last week and the domain name is only 9 days old suggests that this is self-promotion by the company. Whether or not this is a real deal or just a scam is another question. I wouldn't be trusting them knowing this information now.

      • +5

        I am a Lawyer. :) Not a Copyright Lawyer though, but plenty of contacts/friends in that area.

        Wheels already in motion …

        • +1

          Good luck with that. This could be very expensive exercise for OP and they deserve everything coming their way. At least they have gone to the trouble of actually registering a company name (4 days ago, must have been a very short trip to NY lol), so tracking them down shouldn't be too hard.

    • hiya

      might get one from you then hehe

      are yours sent from aus btw and how long is postage? couldnt find it easily on the site.


      • http://usaprepaidsimcard.com.au/plans.html#tabs-2 - at the bottom

        Yes from Sydney. Registered post 2-4 days, Express Post we post the next business day. You can order as far in advance as you want but we activate and post to you around 1-2 weeks prior to departure (due to restrictions from AT&T as to how far in advance the sim card can be activated before it must be recharged). Comes pre-activated and ready for use with the USA mobile number known to you before you leave.

  • Dammit bought one from travelsimsdirect for $40 last week.
    Though I wonder if the price is too good to be true.

  • +1

    Does the unlimited data include here?

    • Do you mean in Australia? If so, then no. I don't think any USA prepaid sim card works in Australia. You'd need to be on a USA postpaid/contract plan to be able to use it in Australia.

      • I don't know which ones, but some T-mobile plans allow you have unlimited 2G data in Australia

  • -1

    hi, I'm going to Hawaii on May 9th for a week. Can any one confirm if i can purchase this and use it on that period? Also I'm using nexus 5 and my wife had note 4. Hope they are compatible? Thanks

  • Not sure if the site is legit, but as a generality I found t-mobile excellent whilst over there about a month ago. I had 4G pretty much everywhere with an iPhone 6.

    • That "4G" is actually 3G.

      • So, should've said LTE. Speed were akin to Optus 4G.

        • Haha Yep, mine is on LTE right now, the speed sure is quicker thank the 4G, but it's weird cause I thought Australian devices couldn't get true LTE on t-mobile!

  • +1

    According to the OzBargain Terms and Conditions of Use:

    You shall not, shall not agree to, and shall not authorise or encourage any third party to:

    upload, transmit or otherwise distribute content that infringes upon another party's intellectual property rights or other proprietary, contractual or fiduciary rights or obligations;

    www.usatravelsims.com has literally lifted and copied the logo of the American NBC Network "USA Network" - www.usanetwork.com, as well as lifting and copying code, design and content from www.usaprepaidsimcard.com.au.

    This has been notified to the Mods of OzBargain so I'll wait and see what happens to this listing.

  • +11

    OP said he returned from a trip in the US last week, presumably returning on the 18th of January. However, this website was only started up on the 15th of January. OP claims that he "didn't want to post until [he] knew they worked well", but how did he discover this site, order a SIM card from this site from Australia, get it delivered (1-3 days via express post), fly to the US (20 hour flight to NY), test the SIM card to ensure it "worked AWESOME", and fly back to Australia (another 20 hours), all within four days?!?!?

    Here is some information from their domain registrar:

    Registrar URL: http://www.godaddy.com
    Update Date: 2015-01-15T10:54:05Z
    Creation Date: 2015-01-15T10:54:05Z
    Registrar: GoDaddy.com, LLC
    Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited http://www.icann.org/epp#clientTransferProhibited
    Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited http://www.icann.org/epp#clientUpdateProhibited
    Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited http://www.icann.org/epp#clientRenewProhibited
    Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited http://www.icann.org/epp#clientDeleteProhibited
    Registry Registrant ID:
    Registrant Name: Andy Sass
    Registrant Organization:
    Registrant Street: Poplar St
    Registrant City: sydney
    Registrant State/Province: New South Wales
    Registrant Postal Code: 2010
    Registrant Country: Australia
    Registrant Phone: +61.411276304
    Registrant Email: [email protected]

    Looks very dodgy to me. Why would you register a domain name under an email address that won't exist until the registration is completed?

    I believe this is definitely a scam, and OP is sockpuppeting.

    • Registrant Name: Andy Sass
      Registrant Organization:
      Registrant Street: Poplar St
      Registrant City: sydney
      Registrant State/Province: New South Wales
      Registrant Postal Code: 2010
      Registrant Country: Australia
      Registrant Phone: +61.411276304 <—————- This!

      So who lives close to him!? also I wonder if the person who registered the domain put down real information? He may have used someone as a scape goat.

      • +2

        I sent a cease and desist letter to his email and mobile number. I sent several other text messages too. Didn't get any reply, so presumably that's his correct number (if it was wrong I would assume the person would write something back). And it wasn't until a formal cease and desist message was sent via SMS did the website go offline.

        His response:

        Hi Nick

        Thank you for contacting us.

        I am dissapointed that our developer has taken the short cut and fully copied your website. Your website was one of the few websites that I mentioned as a reference for style purposes to our web developer. As you can appreciate, I am new to this and apologise for any misunderstanding and I did not want to infringe on anyone legal property. I did not realise that it was custom made for your website, I was made to believe that your websites was a generic template.

        We have contacted our developer to taken down the website and make amendments.

        Kind Regards

        I find this quite disingenuous. It is one thing to accidentally copy a part of a component of another website, but another to copy entire code, style and even content. Some options therefore might be he's not even looked at the content before launching it OR he's directed his website developer to copy the site (or perhaps he is the website developer himself) OR something else. Who knows.

        Anyway the site is down now, he's been exposed on OzBargain, and this forum is re-opened so people can review it if they were initially tempted to purchase.

        Thanks everyone on here for responding so quickly and digging up more information. Faith in humanity RESTORED! :)

      • I tried calling that number earlier this afternoon. On some occasions, the guy picked up and hung up after a few seconds but didn't say anything. Other times, there was an odd voicemail message - female American voice saying "The person you have called is not available" and hanging up immediately.

        According to this website, that number is on the Optus network. I don't know much about voicemail, but I'm quite sure that by default, Optus's voicemail prompts are spoken in Australian English, and allow you to leave a message. This guy's voicemail doesn't sound like it has been recorded (no background noise whatsoever). Also, I'm pretty sure that a custom voicemail message on the Optus network only allows you to speak your own name, and let their text-to-speech voice do the rest of the talking.


        • Maybe it's a mobile number that forwards to an American number? Or I mean he's forwarded his Australian mobile number to an Australia DID which forwards to the USA. Someone like flynumber do this cheap - around $5/month for the DID and 3c/min to forward to the USA. Maybe if I look up the full header of his email reply it might show his location?

          Not sure if any of this tells anything:

          Delivered-To: [MY EMAIL ADDRESSED REMOVED]
          Received: by with SMTP id p62csp199921ykf;
          Fri, 23 Jan 2015 21:57:29 -0800 (PST)
          X-Received: by with SMTP id i7mr17061634pdl.102.1422079049192;
          Fri, 23 Jan 2015 21:57:29 -0800 (PST)
          Return-Path: <[email protected]>
          Received: from sg2plwbeout19-04.prod.sin2.secureserver.net (sg2plwbeout19-4.prod.sin2.secureserver.net. [])
          by mx.google.com with ESMTP id sp5si4629930pac.2.2015.
          Fri, 23 Jan 2015 21:57:28 -0800 (PST)
          Received-SPF: none (google.com: [email protected] does not designate permitted sender hosts) client-ip=;
          Authentication-Results: mx.google.com;
          spf=none (google.com: [email protected] does not designate permitted sender hosts) [email protected]
          Received: from localhost ([])
          by sg2plwbeout19-04.prod.sin2.secureserver.net with bizsmtp
          id jhxT1p0022Rj2se01hxTNw; Fri, 23 Jan 2015 22:57:27 -0700
          X-SID: jhxT1p0022Rj2se01
          Received: (qmail 31755 invoked by uid 99); 24 Jan 2015 05:57:27 -0000
          Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
          Content-Type: text/html; charset="utf-8"
          User-Agent: Workspace Webmail 5.7.10
          Message-Id: <[email protected]mail19.asia.secureserver.net>
          From: <[email protected]>
          Subject: RE: Initial contact to request removal of your website
          Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2015 22:57:26 -0700
          Mime-Version: 1.0

        • @victorwilson:

          posted the details above but a traceroute doesn't seem to give much useful info?

        • @nickster9999: Looks like it's a dynamic IP, but it's an Optus IP from Noble Park, Victoria according to these sites.

          Not really strong evidence, but it is interesting since his domain was registered with an address in Surry Hills.

        • @victorwilson:

          Ok thanks for the help - much appreciated.

          I rang the phone number too and it rings with a normal Australian ring tone then goes to a message then cuts off. Strange.

        • @nickster9999: Hope you get this blatant IP theft sorted out, and good luck with your business!

        • @777:

          Thanks - not sure how to read those results?

        • +1

          @777: The X-Originating-IP is

        • @nickster9999: just have to wait until it finishes all the network hops

        • @The Land of Smeg: oops ! copied the wrong one.
          Thanks !

          Yeah the source of the IP ion from CPE( Retail Customer) from Optus ( Burwood Exchange Cable)c114-76-43-35.eburwd7.vic.optusnet.com.au

          So likely using the Cpanel/ email client from home.
          Raises another doubt, if he/she has a developer at all ?

        • @777: Good point. This guy probably lifted the code from @nickster9999 by himself (not really difficult for an amateur). Any web developer, even with little experience, would know to edit copied code enough to delete commented-out code linking to the site they copied it from. Therefore, it's unlikely that this guy even has a developer like he claims.

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