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105 $0 eBooks: 21 Various Categories (Links Below)


Each of these books is free on posting, but please double-check before clicking the 'buy-now' button, as they often revert to full price without notice. Have a fun night :)

us au A Moat is Not a Goat
us au Charlie the Cavalier Travels the World
us au Isabel's Secret
us au My Crazy Pet Frog
us au Tommy's Potty Training

us au Chicken Recipes From Heaven
us au Delicious Freezer Recipes
us au Freezer Meals for Every Kitchen
us au The Best Donut Recipes
us au The Dump Cake Diet

us au Accelerated Speed Reading
us au eLearning Course Creation
us au Examination Tips & Techniques
us au Learn Chinese Fast
us au Teach Online

us au A Dance of Dragons
us au Bound by a Dragon
us au The Chronicles of Dragon
us au The Demon Mistress
us au The Princess of Sparta

us au The Argentina Rhodochrosite
us au The Devil's Concubine
us au The Dogs of Mexico
us au The Last Fairytale
us au The Tesla Secret

us au Back Pain
us au Charcoal Remedies
us au Complete Guide to Clinical Aromatherapy
us au Dyslexia Solutions
us au Thyroid Disease

us au DIY Household Hacks
us au House Cleaning Secrets
us au Making Wine at Home
us au Tiny House Living
us au Tomato Planting

us au 314
us au Arianna's Awakening
us au Braile House
us au Panic
us au The Doll

us au 400 Funny Jokes for Kids
us au From Inside the Brain of a Dad Looking Out
us au Mob Wives
us au Taking Ivy Seriously
us au The President Did What?

Info Tech
us au Facebook Marketing
us au Getting Digital Marketing Right
us au Mobile Marketing
us au The Best WordPress Plugins
us au Windows 8 Tips for Beginners

us au 7 Untold Steps to Profitable Investing
us au How to Work for Yourself
us au Regret-Free Personal Finance
us au The ABCs of Money
us au The Successful Startup

Mystery & Suspense
us au A Taste of Sin
us au Malevolent
us au Never Say Spy
us au The Insanity Plea
us au The Sister

us au Daughters on Duty: A Caregiver's Guide
us au Learn from Your Teenager
us au My Child Won't Sleep
us au Parenting Boys
us au Parenting With Purpose

us au Complete Guide to Digital Pictures
us au Create Stunning Digital Photography
us au Explosive Photography
us au Photo Composition Mastery
us au Photography Made Easy

Quiz & Trivia
us au 5000 Scramblex Puzzles To Improve Your IQ
us au 7700 Scramblex Puzzles To Improve Your IQ
us au IQ King Puzzles
us au Million Dollar Word Search Puzzles
us au Popular Songs Word Search Puzzles

us au Dating After Divorce
us au How to Keep a Man
us au Narcissistic Family
us au Restore Your Marriage & Fall in Love Again
us au The Single Parent Dating Solution

us au Be My Love
us au Broken Pleasures
us au Home Is Where the Heart Is
us au Rock My Bed
us au Snow Angel

Science Fiction
us au Free Falling
us au Lance Jack
us au Necropolis
us au Omega Exile
us au Wanderer's Escape

Self Help
us au Become A Better Leader
us au How To (Box Set)
us au Productive, Positive & Happy
us au Smart Goals
us au Work Smarter: Stop Wasting Time

Sports & Fitness
us au Build Muscle Box Set
us au Cycling
us au Formula D
us au Modern Warrior Handbook: Self Defense
us au Saltwater Fishing

us au Budget Traveling 101
us au Cuba Travel Guide
us au Money Saving Tips for Travel in Portugal
us au Thailand Guide
us au Thailand: The Real Travel Guide

us au Corps Justice Boxed Set
us au Gallipoli Memories
us au Invasion USA
us au Memories of World War II
us au Rolling Thunder

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  • +10

    You must have alot of patience to gather all these links and organize it like this for oz bargain.
    Here have a +1

  • +1

    Tanks TA

  • +1

    Got a few books. Thank you

  • Cheers batman got heaps!

  • Great work TA, thanks!

  • Thanks Cobber.

  • If at least once in a month you post 100 books, I wondered how many years do I need to read all of these books?

    • +2

      You need this :)

      • +1

        Lol. Is it sad that I've got that in my use my queue? :-)

      • That's for baby. With your posts so far, I need a course "How to read 1200 books in a year!" :)

  • +3

    By the title "The Great Education Decision" was not what I was expecting…

    "How to identify the ungodly world views that your children are being exposed to"
    "How to make sure that your child's education is based on a purely biblical worldview "
    "How to decide which Christian curriculum is best for your child"

    And I thought education was to bring out the best in the child, expose them to a broad range of subjects that would challenge and enrich them, and give them a mind that is equipped to make decisions for themselves.

    Fundamentalism is not education.

    • Thanks for pointing this out Bruce. Book removed.

      • +4

        Swift as always TA ;-)
        While the contents of the book may be of great interest to some, it does not deserve to be listed under education (parents have many "Great" decisions regarding education), but would suit religion, where the book's title would make more sense.

      • +1

        "Parenting with purpose" is also a Christian book, was not what I was expecting FYI.

        And I quote : "God gives us children not only to propagate humanity, but also as part of our own process of becoming all that God has planned for us to be."

        Hmmm as what stated above by brucefromaustralia

        Also thanks TA I have scored quite a few good ones from this list, appreciate the effort gone into it it. Thanks.

  • Thanks TA

    I have a few questions about these kindle books. Once they are downloaded on my android tablet, is there any way to remove them without uninstalling the kindle app?

    Also is there anyway I can find out how many books I have, in what topics, and their ratings. I really like to read some of these books but I just find the list too long and unusable. there are no ratings or quick way to group these books by genre so to speak.

    If you are a kindle reader I would appreciate any tips or help as I would like to move away from paper but so far havnt found Kindle to be very useful.

    Ps. bonus question has anyone managed to buy a music album in MP3 from Amazon US with an Aussie credit card? cheers

    • nope, it amazon's fault

      there library management/software is crap…

      if they gave an autosort into categories, that would be great..

      I have been requesting this feature..

    • To remove a book, I think you can long-press and then "remove"? Can't remember now

  • Thanks to these threads….

    I never need to buy another book ever

    also I never get to read any of these books even though I added it to my library..
    it is just too large of a library, I don't have the time to read them

    • Yep. My Amazon free ebook library courtesy of Tightarse is in the hundreds many times larger than my actual physical book collection. I had read none of them - until last week when I read my first, a short self-help book on getting things done!

      I look at them as a free, easy and accessible reference collection, rather than a library where I feel compelled to read every one, on topics that currently interest me or may do in the future.

      I must say though many of these free books are more like pamphlets and quality varies. Best to use the amazon website to quality check author and reviews before committing to reading a particular book - as others have said this may be hard to do on a Kindle or the reading app. As always on ozbargain with free ebooks and udemy courses - don't hesitate collect first, cull for quality later!

      • A wise person once said. If you are under 50 yoa read the first 50 pages, chuck if you cannot get into it or you are not enjoying it.
        If over 50 yoa use change 50 to 25 pages.

        My rule is 'if I can get at least one new Idea, Tip, or joke' then I have done well. Fodder for the brain1

  • Thank you very much TA. Great job.

  • +2

    *cough* Imadethis *cough*

  • TA great work mate! + 1 for the effort! And some good books there too!

  • Thanks

    ps this link not working for free book (not free)

    Work Smarter: Stop Wasting Time, Get Stuff Done, and Live a Better Life [Kindle Edition]

  • This one is no longer free:
    Freezer Meals for Every Kitchen: Top 50 Freezer Meals That Everyone Will Love

  • Thanks TA!!!

    Sadly this not free anymore:

    Inspirational: Productive, Positive, and Happy - Start Getting the Most Out of Your Life in 21 Days or Less! (Inspirational, Inspiration, Motiviational)

  • Thanks a lot, those book I want are still free :)

  • +1! thanks TA love your work as always! :)

  • Thanks, got quite a few from this lot.

  • Daughters on Duty: A Caregiver's Guide,

    whilst a hard labour of love, its a chance to know them anew.


    ps book/fantasy 1 of 10. If I like trolling will start to continue the TA solution.

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