Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, OZ Stock


I need to buy a Sony xperia Z1 compact urgently as i am going to overseas in 2 weeks. I tried kogan and other sites but they ship from hong kong and takes atleast 3 weeks.

Which are the best place or sites to buy in urgent or pick up in melbourne? Please advise.



    How much are you willing to pay? Keeping in mind that it's possible you may not get the best deal just because you want it quickly.

    When it first came out in March last year, I bought it from the Telstra shop because it was the cheapest by quite a bit. JB had some sales on it towards the end of last year and it was around the $350 mark (discounted price), so maybe check there. If not, the standard price seems to be around $400 now.


    I can pay between $350 and $400, but as i mentioned above i needed urgently, say in a weeks time, so must not be shipping from overseas.


      Looking at StaticIce you have no chance of getting it locally and in your budget. Most of those in your budget I'm quite sure are all shipped from overseas…

      Any reason why you must have this specific phone?


    Its a gift for my father as i am going overseas in two weeks. He uses this phone and loves this.


    Cheapest, quickest Melbourne stock I know of would be from here:

    Maybe try contacting them to see if they can do a deal. Remember you can get GST refund if you are flying out with it.

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    I'd first check a couple of the bigger Telstra stores (like the one in Bourke St mall) or JBs to see if there's stock. Worst case scenario, given it's only Monday today, I'd risk it with DWI and select the fastest shipping option they have available. I've ordered from them a few times with the fastest delivery option and it's taken around 3 business days to arrive at my work location in the Melb CBD. So if you ordered today or tomorrow, it should be delivered before Friday.

    The country you're going to… they don't have any available there?


    Its about $50-100 costly there, so i would be buying from here.

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