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16 Mixed Entertaining Wines $99 +1000 Qantas Points + Free Delivery + 20% off @ Cellarmasters


I just saw this and thought it was a good deal:


Enjoy this exclusive offer from Everyday Rewards and Cellarmasters: 16 Entertaining wines for just $99 plus delivery & handling fee* + 1000 bonus QANTAS Points.

This mix has been selected especially for you and contains wines from some of the biggest and most respected names in the Australian wine industry, like Zilzie, McWilliam’s and Hardy’s – and they’re yours for just $6.19 a bottle by the case.

To get this case delivered straight to your door visit shop online or call 1800 505 250 and quote code MQUE15-UF.

Life is for living and wine is for sharing. Enjoy!.

Everyday Rewards & Cellarmasters.

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  • +Shipping: +$7 to postcodes 2000/3000/4000/5000, +$9 to 6000, +$16 to 7000
    +Handling Fee: $1.20

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      Use the Cookie code ;)

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    I just foudn the code online COOKIE to get 20% off + free delivery, thats $79 for the 16 bottles! $4.9 per bottle!

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    Order subtotal:
    Handling Fee:
    Order Total:

  • Where do you put your qantas FF number in ?

    • yep worked it out, it's gotta be linked to your ER card

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    checkout.. you put your Woolworths rewards card..

  • Hi,

    If you add one of these to your order:

    and use this code:

    For example, this can happen:

    Order subtotal: $118.99
    Delivery: $17.90
    Handling Fee: $2.40
    Discount: -$40.30
    Order Total: $98.99


    EDIT: See above for someone quicker than me :)

  • you don't need to add anything actually… it worked at $99 :)

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      ah, I thoguht it needed to be more than $100 :) thanks!

  • Looks like good value for $5 per bottle, but annoying that they don't mention vintage/years. And red bundle has no shiraz!

  • Interesting to note this is actually $20 off + free delivery, could this work for lower value items to get a higher discount %?

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    i'm not seeing a deal here. Just because it's cheap, doesn't mean it's a bargain. OZB seem to be obsessed with cheap crap wine, between this and winemarket.

    • Me neither. $5 bottle looks about what its worth.

  • "This mix has been selected especially for you" cheap OzBargainer. So personal.

    Shows 1107 points for me ($7.38 points value towards Woolies Gift Card).

    16 bottles for $71.62 = $4.58/bottle

  • Nice find.

    • It's not as if everyone with a registered EDR Card got this email "selected especially for you" with same offer ;-)
      But finding the code deserves praise!

  • dont forget starthere cashback!!!

    • or 7% at Cashrewards. Also 5% off e-gift vouchers using Entertainment Book and if you pay using your American Express Platinum Edge Card you get 3x the gift card value as MR points as it's through Woolworths.

      • 99 - 20 (COOKIE) - 3.95 (5% off e-gift voucher) - 5.53 (7% Cashrewards) - $10 (minimum value of 1000 qantas points) = 59.52

        (99-20-3.95-5.53-10) /16 = 3.72 per bottle

        If you make good use of the qantas points it can be worth $20. I also get a bit additional qantas points by using Qantas Cash debit card to pay for the e-gift voucher.

        I am not sure if cashrewards will refund me the 7% since the woolie e-gift voucher I also bought from them at 5% discount already.

        • Go through the qantas shopping page and receive additional points of 1 point per $ for shopping at Cellarmasters.

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          dont think so
          Its just points for presenting your EDR card/linking EDR account

          going through the qantas shopping portal doesnt net you any additional points like it does with ebay/david jones etc

  • Is it $20 or 20% off??

    • 20% off

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