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Philips PowerPro Active Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - FC8635/71 $134.20 delivered @Target eBay


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$149 - 20% = $119.20 + $15 = $134.20

If you can't wait for the eBay delivery, a normal pickup is still a good price for $149

The next closest price is $165 from eBay here

Specs cut and paste from Target website:

The new Philips PowerPro Active delivers outstanding cleaning results thanks to the PowerCyclone 4 technology that uses highly efficient steps. The dust container is perfectly designed to dispose dust without creating a dust cloud and thanks to its unique shape and smooth surface, dust is collected at one side of the container and evenly glides into the dust bin. The pleated HEPA filter has a large filter surface and good filtration performance. In combination with the cyclonic airflow, this prevents it from clogging fast and gives you better and longer-lasting filtration results. The 2000 Watt motor generates maximum 370 Watt suction power for high performance and the ergonomically shaped grip is convenient to use and the extra long design gives you farther reach, so you can easily clean hard to reach places.

Product Features
•The HEPA filter catches microscopic vermin causing allergies
•Reach all corners thanks to the extra long ergonomic grip
•PowerCyclone 4 technology separates dust and air in one go
•2000 Watt motor for high performance
•Advanced dust container design for easy to emptying

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  • I had this vacuum cleaner… Lasted under 6 months. I usually vacuumed once a week or less.

    Before it lost all its suction it was pretty good though.

    • try to empty dust container

      • It didnt matter if it was empty the motor just got weaker and weaker as time went on. Anyways, I thought bagless vacuum cleaners arent supposed to lose suction with dust in it.

        • Had a similar experience with a Samsung vacuum … it was rarely used and only lasted 13 mths. Other bagless ones also failed miserably when partially full. Cleaning them was a pain also. Went back to bagged and don't regret it.
          The cheapest vacuum to buy these days is a quality made one.. When you consider the life expectancy of say a Miele (not from godfreys) being 20 yrs + it makes them the true bargain. Our miele never loses suction no matter how full the bag is. We use it on the 50% setting, that is how powerful the suction is.

        • well, it was a joke.
          btw i have a bag-less vc from BigW, no idea of brand - just the one powerful (2000W) and cheap ($70). I'm using it for more then 4 years, cheap brush worn out after 3 years and I replaced it with $39 brush from godfreys. Still works like a charm (like aircraft turbine), but definitely looses suction when it's full and regains full throttle after emptying container.
          just checked: it's Kambrook Jaguar 2000W twister.
          this one http://www.ozstock.com.au/814/Brand-New-KAMBROOK-2000W-Jagua...
          I even found a receipt: it was $86.

    • +1

      I have the older model (the purple one) and it always loses suction before the container is full thanks to the crappy design of the foam thingy.

    • +1

      Probably just the standard cheap bagless design. I bought a Russell Hobbes which sounds similar. It's not very robust, I suspect they overheat easily.
      Mine is still working great, but I never run it for more than 10 mins at a time and always regularly empty it. If you have a large space or vacuum often get something better.

      • The vorcity model that was down to 69 bucks or so about 2 years ago? I got this one and it's great for a number of reasons, just doesn't have a huge capacity

  • The reviews seem positive on product review.

    Thinking about the Dyson dc29 but that's had poor reviews.
    Might just get the dc37

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