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Pepsi Max 30pk Cans $6.00 @ Coles Macquarie NSW


Not sure if nationwide but $6.00 for 30 cans is a pretty good deal

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    Definitely not nationwide. Great bargain though, shame Pepsi Max Kick doesn't come in larger cans, those drinks are lovely.

  • 20 cents per can!!!

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    Awesome deal, maybe short date?

  • Cheap cocaine

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    I can't stand the taste of Pepsi Max. Still have a box that's probably a few years old now just sitting in the laundry room.

    I just felt like posting a comment because I leave nearby and if it were any other similar product, I'd jump at the deal.

    • Have you tried adding sugar to it?

      • Actually yes, I have. Haha.

        • How was it?

        • @Scrooge McDuck: Honestly can't remember. I haven't had Pepsi Max in years. I just remember the experience was unpleasant no matter what I did to it.

          EDIT: Just realised I typed leave instead of live in my first comment. :S

        • @Scrooge McDuck:

          I wouldn't waste my sugar doing that.

        • +1

          @Eon-Rider: it is best served chilled mate.. Keep it really cold and you wont feel anything apart from pleasure.. Then let out the longest burp, thats how pepsi max should be enjoyed ;)

  • anyone know if this is in Bris as well?

    • Don't think other stores will have it, at this price.

  • Definitely not nation wide. What's the use-by?

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    Nope, it would just be that store. They're probably coming up for use by. Plus, as an avid Pepsi Max drinker, I'd say they are old stock because the new stock has the World Cricket design on the boxes/cans.

    But still! Shame I don't live in NSW. I'd buy them all!!! I wouldn't have much room to store them, but I'd try!!!

    • Do you remember when the "Live For Now" promo was on?

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    I live just across the street. And waked home from the train station, just passing the Coles. Should've check ozbargain before i got off the train.

    • A real Ozbargainer has alarms and notifications for every deal!

      • How so you do that?
        I haven't found that option yet…..

        • I just use Feeder haha.

        • @kaneissik:
          Tell us more ,oh wise one.

        • @crohns:
          I would be happy to but my tips are only for users who contribute content to the site!

        • @kaneissik:
          So a knock-off of feedly? How is it better or different?

        • -1

          Many feeds have the same design, let's not get into that debate. I never stated Feeder was the best, it's just what I use. No need to misconstrue what I'm writing.

        • @kaneissik:

          Considering one is called Feedly and one Feeder it's not unfair to assume Feeder tried to piggyback on Feedly success post Google Reader. I thought you might have used both and decided on Feeder over Feedly because it had some advantage.

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      Constantly refresh!

  • How many are available? Looks like only 6 boxes in the photo…

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      That's just the OP's trolley.. :)

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    Pepsi - when they don't have Coke

    • Coke - when water is not good enough

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    Can anyone confirm if they have any left? I live close enough but have just put the kids to bed so not keen to send my husband out to buy some if they are already out of stock

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      Ring the store

  • Good deal

  • The sweetness in the cans starts to taper off closer to the use by, but at 20c a can who cares!

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      It's Pepsi max ..there is no sweetness.

  • Saw some of these, walked past.

  • As a former Coles worker I can say for certain that displaying goods on a stock trolley with a sale sign is not kosher.

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    As long as there is the $6 for 30pk sign, just go and grab the cartons from the soft drinks section so you know it has a good long used by. Forget the ones on the trolley if they are old stock.

  • We've been informed that the store sold out this morning.

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