Anyone Used The Abtronic X2?

I was planning to purchase the abtronic x2, read heaps of reviews and this seems to work for burning belly fat and building muscles as to obviously you would need to combine normal workout.
Does anyone have this unit or even the previous ones? I would like some honest opinions, cheers!

Since I have a bad back from spinal injuries from acident I'm not able to do crunchs or sit ups, had surgery.

Some reviews from Amazon,


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    Probably not want you want to hear, but you 100% can not spot reduce fat. Crunches will not reduce belly fat any more than pull ups or star jumps. You burn fat by making your body use more calories than you consume. Ab muscles (the desired six pack) really don't grow that much unless you're doing some serious weight training. Showing your abs is more about losing weight than it is "doing crunches" to make your abs somehow pop through the fat (won't happen).

    This machine forces your muscles to contract. You will burn a tiny bit of calories by doing this. You also burn calories whilst sleeping. And walking. Both of those activities will work as well and be much cheaper than this machine.

    If you want to reduce belly fat, you need targeted heart rate exercise (eg jogging, swimming or cycling) not this. There is no such thing as a shortcut in reducing fat or gaining muscle mass.

    This is a dead set, guaranteed, 100% waste of money that will do nothing except maybe give you some placebo effect initiative to go and do real exercise and eat better which in turn makes you lose weight and falsely attribute it to this machine, instead of the improved diet and exercise you've been doing.

    If you're looking to get back into exercise after injury or surgery, a quick trip to the GP and a referral to a sports physio will sort you out. They'll give you exercises you can do to get your results whilst working around your injury.


    I would like some honest opinions …

    seriously, don't waste good money on that sort crap


    These EMS belts will tone muscles if used regularly. But if we have fat covering our belly, we will never be able to see our toned muscles.

    "The belts can help tone muscles, but beware of promises of weight loss or a gorgeous body, scientists say." The Wall Street Journal - Cinching Your Belt Without a Crunch

    "The FDA rejects certification of devices that claim weight reduction… [Over the counter] devices are marketable only for muscle toning." Wikipedia - Electrical Muscle Stimulation

    In particular, because you have a specific medical condition in that region of the body, note this part of the Wikipedia article: "caution in the use during… other particular conditions that may be affected by muscle contractions." Basically, you need to go back to the doctor. You feel that because of your injury, your muscles are not being worked out properly. If it is medically sound advice to use EMS for your condition, your GP or specialist will prescribe a prescription device that can actually perform necessary "Muscle re-education".

    If you told the Absizer/Abtronic mob that you had a spinal injury and wanted to use their device, they would not tell you to buy it. They would tell you the same thing: Get some expert advice.

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      There is no such thing as 'toning' muscles. You can only build (/lose) muscle and lose (/gain) fat. Increase in muscle mass and reduction in fat results in 'toning'.

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        No need to troll, dude. In the language known as English, there is a well known word in terms of muscles called "toning". Thus, the Wall Street Journal article above has validity ("The belts can help tone muscles"), whilst your comment is useless semantics.

        Muscles are cells of the body. The volume of those muscle cells can be increased, or alternatively, the number of muscle cells can be increased. Body builders typically focus on exercises that provide hypertrophy of the former type, whilst athletes and strength training typically focuses on muscle hypertrophy in the latter sense. In summary, there is more to build/lose muscles than muscle mass, and quoting the Wall Street Journal on toning can reliably be used among peers who are not trolls…

        In conclusion, electrical stimulation belts can provide a more toned look by strengthening muscles without any fat being lost. "The researchers concluded that, while fat wasn't lost, the stronger abdominal muscles pulled in the abdomen, much like a girdle." Wall Street Journal - Cinching Your Belt Without a Crunch



    I am currently in the process of replacing the ab roller (Ab wheel), waiting for Patents to clear, it simplifies building core strength.

    It builds you core and defines your abs, keep in mind major factor is diet.

    I will be launching the website in about 2 weeks.