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Autumn Sale: 15% off Beard Oils Campfire, Warm Coffee & Fresh Woods Scents @ Melbourne Beard Oil


Damn, shame to see Summer leave, but we're giving everyone 15% off Campfire, Warm Coffee and Fresh Woods (including the 3 Pack) Beard Oils to ease into Autumn! Just use the coupon code "AUTUMN1" when you check out!


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Melbourne Beard Oil

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      Safe to say that bat broke on his beard, didn't even get to his chin!

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    Are these Extra Virgin Beard Oils ???

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      don't worry jv, which ever oil you use, extra virgin it is.


    Beard oil?. Eeew


    I think the postage charge is a bit high. $5 should be closer to the mark.

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    Bought some last sale,
    Can recommend, the wife also appreciates the smell and less straggly beard.


    just bought a 3 pack and 1 extra sample. lets see how it goes.
    Cheers, Luke


    Sadly looks like I missed it :(


    tried the beard oil a while back but found that my pasta would still stick together a fair bit even compared to cobram which is what i usually use. cobram is on special half price at woolworths and coles atm


      Cobram as in the Cobram Estate Olive Oil? Interesting. How's that working for you? Doesn't the smell get pungent after a while?


    will this help straighten out my beard?
    my has gone all curly, making it look really short.