How Foxtel restrict users from using "14days Free Trial" Foxtel Play Service multiple times?

How foxtel restrict users from using "14days Free Trial" Foxtel Play Service multiple times?

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  • Same address?

  • Also restricts the mac address of your device to use the free trial again and will throw an error.

    • If I use another device (but in same wifi network as first time) and new email ID, will it work?

      • yep, that should work. you should possibly try another card as well.

        • Perhaps another card with a different billing address

          Terms & Conditions 3.1: You must have a Foxtel Play Account linked to a valid Australian credit card with a billing address in the Territory to access the Foxtel Play Service.

        • @NancyCat:

          on side note, any idea if we can use SAME device (TV) again (if we use different email ID , diff credit card and diff billing address as first time?)

        • @electricbluee: Humm… don't think so.

          Terms & Conditions 10.1: The Foxtel Play Application will send information about itself and your Registered Device (including in relation to usage) to us. The information we collect includes your Registered Device unique device or Foxtel Play Application number, the internet protocol address of your Registered Device, and information derived from the hardware configuration of it and is used to identify your Registered Device, to validate your right to use the Foxtel Play Service, and so that we can report on and improve the Foxtel Play Service. By using the Foxtel Play Application, you consent to the transmission of this information.

  • I don't think it checks the MAC address, at least not on PC…
    I have added 3rd device on Foxtel GO (a PC called e.g. OLDBOX-PC), so I shouldn't be able to make any more changes that month. But I happened to get hold of a newer PC a day after (still in the same month), so I installed Windows on it, named it OLDBOX-PC again, and Foxtel GO didn't realise it wasn't a new device…