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Play Star Citizen Free For 1 Week


With this pass you will be able to download and install the game, walk around the Hangar Module and sit in an Anvil Hornet F7C trainer ship that you can then take into flight in Arena Commander. Once activated the pass is valid until March 15th 2015!

Pax promo, try it out and see their progress.

Size: 31MB installer + 20.6GB patch (64 bit required)

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  • This is the game where they are 'pre-selling' in game ships for $250USD to raise funds (this is how you raise ~$75 mill). Imagine how much in-game grinding you are going to have to do to access some of this content/equipment in order that those 'investing' now not to feel ripped off?

    • Yeah. This game's pre-launch business model is really absurd even when you consider how it was supported through Kickstarter. I guess people are willing to pay?

  • I just realised I don't meet the minimum spec requirements… :( Thank you for sharing the deal though! :)

  • Thanks. The sign up process was so cumbersome. Password requires both upper and lower case letters, a number and punctuation. You then need to create a login ID, a "handle" (must be different to your login ID) and a url friendly handle.

    I hope it's worth it and the game isn't too buggy. It's an approx 20GB download.

  • and they are asking $10/mth minimum with tonnes of in-game purchases. i would like to be their investor, they are reaping in $ .

    • What? It's a buy once, no subscription model a la "Guild Wars".

      You just have the cost of buying the game and you can play forever, for free. Also, they've already said they will not be selling ships after the game launches.

      While I don't agree with their 'pledging' strategy, people need to know the actual business model of the game before sledging it.

        • "Subscription revenues contribute to the Star Citizen project’s development by funding Around the Verse (Thursdays at 9AM PST!) and Jump Point, the monthly digital magazine of Star Citizen."

          Subs are an additional way to pledge more money to help fund the game more. You don't need to sub to play.

        • @fatal:
          Incorrect, the subscriptions are simply to fund the marketing content such as their youtube shows and magazine releases.

          It's to keep the pledges going toward the actual development and the subscribers are simply funding the advertising.

  • I bought a ship about 12 months ago.. whilst the pre-alpha stuff is interesting I really wish they'd get on with developing the game instead of focusing so much on ships. It'll be $75m vaporware by the time the full release comes out.

    • I bought a pretty substantial ship package 12 months ago too - I'm really excited for the game and what it represents, but if it fails it will at least by a cautionary tale to the industry and crowd funding.

      In any case, I can always do a chargeback on it if I'm dissatisfied.

    • Ships are their marketing/fund raising point, thats all. Only one team is working on ships, the rest are busy with the rest of the game.

      Its not going to be vaporware, thats just silly. Whether it ends up being all that it was meant to be, who knows. it really is the most ambitious game I can think of, its going to be an insane task to deliver even half of what they promised

  • The website for SC has become pretty bloated as pledge options have been added and removed, so can I offer some guidance for this?

    1. There are currently two 'stores' for SC, and there will likely be a third coming soon: 1) the Pledge store is for spending real money to buy in-game items. The in-game items offered will only be available while the game is in pre-release. 2) the Voyager Direct store is for buying in-game items using in-game currency; that in-game currency is currently only available for real money. The third store coming soon is for items used to play the Arena Commander module, and I believe that currency for this store is only earned by playing Arena Commander and the upcoming FPS module.

    2. In the pledge store, you have several broad categories: packages, ships, upgrades and extras. Buying a package will give you a ship, beta access, a hanger and other odds and sods. Buying a ship gives you a ship and a hangar. An upgrade is used to migrate a ship you already own to another ship, retaining the rest of the package - the hangar, etc. You can buy the entry level package, and later on use upgrades to migrate that ship into something more powerful (there's no premium or overcharging for upgrading versus purchase).

    3. Some pledge packages state 'Arena Commander Pass Included'. I believe that this is because SC is still Alpha, which means that the Beta Access offered by packages doesn't give you access to the current modules. The pass is USD5 for those people who purchase a package without alpha access. The upcoming FPS module will probably be the same.

    4. Subscriptions are for during development of the game only, and contribute to the various weekly videos that are being made.

    5. If you do plan to purchase something (anything) from the pledge store, make sure to check the currency setting at the top. Pledge prices in the EUR currency convert to a cheaper AUD than the USD equivalent prices.

    tl;dr You can buy an entry level package with Arena Commander access in the Pledge store, and later on use upgrades to migrate that ship into something more powerful. Check the currency (EUR instead of USD) before you buy!

  • I'm gonna wait until SteamVR is released and compatible to jump on this

  • Thanks OP.

    31MB installer + 20.6GB patch (64 bit required)

  • Just reading the comments above has intimidated me, I think I will pass!

    • How come?

      Its the single most ambitious game made in the last decade, its going to be so interesting to see if they can deliver

  • I wasn't sold on this free fly or not until I saw what their grand plan for the game was. A friend linked me to this:


    Turns out there is a lot more than just flying fancy spaceships in store for the game. As long as the quality of the FPS and on planet stuff is as good as the space flying parts, i'll buy it when it finally comes out.

    The 20gb+ download really hurts when their installer seems to want to download at less than 100KBps.

    • Strange; it was maxing out my connection quite happily..

      Having said that I'm a bit disappointed with what's available.. the blurb makes it sound like you can go into Arena Commander mode (and therefore presumably interacting with other ships), but in actual fact you only get to fly in a fairly small level, which has no objective other than to basically check out the fancy graphics..

      Basically I wouldn't bother unless you've already pledged or have unlimited data for your broadband connection, else you're gonna feel like you just blew a big chunk of your quota for no reason.

  • Nice find.

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