Sydney to Canberra (5 Adults 1 Child) Best Travel Options

Hi All,
I am planning a trip from Sydney to Canberra for 5 adults and 1 child. I was wondering what would be the best option? I am not very keen on Murrays or Greyhound. I am looking for something more relaxing. Am I left with flights as the only option? Is there something like chauffeur driven car I can look at (could be very expensive)?
Please post your suggestions.


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    Can you or any of the other adults drive? Rent a car. The cost between you will be much lower than anything else.

    What do you intend to do when you are in Canberra?

    If you want to see the "sights" etc, you will find it much easier with a car. There are buses, but it will be much more convenient with a car, and allow you to see more. e.g go out to Tidbinbilla, or stop at Gerringong Falls on way down from Sydney

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    Take the 30 minutes flight. Best Travel Option.

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    I was going to suggest renting a car also but the op may not want to drive or cant?

    Alternative… take the train..

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    5 adults and 1 child

    Won't fit in a standard car - Maybe contact uber as they might have someone offer you cheaper ride but it will need a 7 seater inc driver.

    Also depends on how soon you want to return. If its the same day its possible, but if its a few days then this wouldn't be an option.

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      My Friends hired a 7 seater and drove to Adelaide a few weeks ago, was like $35 a day. I think all our suggestions are pointless until the OP can tell us if they can drive or not


    Thanks for the replies. As far as driving is concerned, I can drive and do have a valid driving licence. However I have never driven a big car that can accomodate 6-7 people. I have been driving a vectra. Its just that i am a bit scared of driving a big car.

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      Rental cars are the fastest cars in the world. Just take out the excess reduction insurance and do your worst. Rental car will be the cheapest and allow you the most freedom. As long as you are aware of the extra size of the car and allow for it, there aint nothing to it. It might seem like it would be difficult but it really is simple.


        Rental cars are the fastest cars in the world.

        +1 for Top Gear reference

        OP, remember that you'll be charged extra for driving more kilometres than allocated. From memory, Budget charges 25c for every km over 100km; others probably charge a similar amount.

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      Canberra is the best place to drive a bigger car for the first time. The roads are insanely wide, and all the attractions have giant carparks, so you can park in a far corner with no cars around you and take the time to get in the space properly.

      The highway is easy to drive on or you could go the scenic route down the coast for a long way, then cut in, and skip most of the highway driving if you don't like high speeds.

      A Tarago or a 4WD will seat 6 -7 and not be too different than a normal sized car. You sit up high which I like on highways. I took a road trip in a Tarago with a lot of people once and it was heaps of fun.

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      The wife and I drive a Tarago everyday and it is no harder to drive than most medium sized cars.
      So long as you are a little careful about the added size you will have no problems.
      Go for it.

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    With a plane or bus you are still left having to find a way to get to the airport/station in the first place. Airport transfers aren't cheap. Having vehicle access will make things that much more flexible with less (or zero) waiting time.

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    I have to agree with those advocating renting a car. You don't say from where in Sydney you are departing but there are plenty of car hire places in the suburbs these days. Compare and book on

    Book a "people mover" type vehicle with unlimited K's if you can, and take top level insurance. I tend to avoid Europcar for car rentals just Google them to see all the complaints about unreasonable charges and actions.

    When you collect the vehicle make sure you examine every panel and note even the smallest ding, dint or blemish, inside and out, and take photos of all the car too for your protection. If you overlook things they'll come back to bite you.

    As other have said, getting around in Canberra without a car is a nightmare, and I strongly recommend you hire a GPS with the car, as often you can see where you want to go in Canberra but the circuitous nature of the roads makes "seat of the pants navigation" next to impossible.

    Have fun, relax and enjoy the drive.

    Cheerz Wabster.


    I am not very keen on Murrays or Greyhound.

    When you say you're not keen, is it because of space and legroom? What if free on-board Wi-Fi is thrown in plus 20% more legroom (for the same price as a regular service)?


    If you decide to get a rental car down here or not, once you get here you'll probably want one. Public transport in Canberra is pretty unreliable, it's probably one of the worst aspects of the city in my opinion. Not the worst in the world by any means, but it's really a let down (not that adding light rail is going to fix it, but that's another story for another day).

    Getting around to common metro areas is easy by bus, but to tourist attractions, it's not really the easiest task. There are buses that go to the big attractions, but you'll have a far more enjoyable time if you drive. Not worrying about the crappy ACTION bus schedule is worth every penny on a rental car!

    Have you travelled on Murrays/Greyhound before? I've done it numerous times, and it's not THAT bad, it's only 3-4 hours on a bus and it's pretty cheap, but then when you have 6 people, a rental is probably going to be just as cheap per person, or a bit more but worth the added luxury/flexibility.

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