No longer a day to day employee of PCByte/MechKB - Cheers everyone!

Hello all,

Not sure if this is the right place to put this but just letting you all know that as of last week, I am no longer a day-to-day employee of PCByte or MechKB. Some things happened within the family and consequently I have made the difficult decision to resign to take care of my family affairs - many of them overseas. I'll still be around lurking (as before) but I'll just be an ol' regular Ozbargainer now. ;)

For now, if you have any queries related to PCByte you can always contact Francesca and you can direct MechKB queries to [email protected].

It's been a fun ride and I enjoyed it! Hope to see you all around!

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    Oh wow, sorry to see you go. We had a couple of good conversations and it was fun to speak to someone as enthusiastic about keyboards as I was. Hope you get your family affairs in order. Take care.


    @Roland — you might want to edit your profile (settings -> profile) to remove reference to mechkb?


      Indeed. Thanks for the reminder!

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    Oh wow, I can't believe I missed this post. Hope you are well and that your family affairs are sorting themselves out. I will miss the chats


    Just saw this too, you had some great deals, hope you sort out your issues!