Help! Where to get a repair quote for Insurance in Melbourne for Samsung S4 Bought from Kogan?

Hi, I damaged my Samsung phone purchased from Kogan, and Samsung store will not look at it because it's an import. The phone although operational, is very badly damaged (fell from a height and rolled a couple of times, screen badly cracked, sides badly dented etc). Insurance needs a repair quote. Does anyone know (first hand experience preferred)any place in melbourne where I can obtain a repair quote, and If they fix I can be assured they'll do as good a job as I "assume' Samsung would.
Your input will be much appreciated.

Excess is $100.00, and insurance company demand an official statement from a repairer (eg. on a letterhead).

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  • If it's damaged to that extent, it may not be worthwhile to repair…could you claim it under your insurance as being damaged severely enough to need replacement instead of repair?

    Replacing the screen and side panels could mean the cost to repair them exceeds the purchase price, esp for a grey market product

  • How much is the excess for insurance? DWI is selling the S4 for $429 delivered. It's probably not worth repairing.

  • Hi there, the excess is $100.00, therefore worth the claim.
    In regards to twister292's question of "could you claim it under your insurance as being damaged severely enough to need replacement instead of repair?, the insurance company still 'request/demand' an official statement from a repair shop stating this being the case, and why it can't be repaired. Unfortunately they won't just take my word for it, or photographic evidence.

  • You could potentially take it to a place like Fonebiz (in Westfield Doncaster) to get a private repair quote… Not sure if they would touch Samsung though. They repaired my friend's Sony at his own cost when he dropped it and smashed the screen.

  • Ended up going to Essendon DFO, iRepairs I believe. They assesed it, and foung that the motherboard he=ad been damaged (Phone asks for sim card to be RE-Connected.
    They took about 2 hours to do the Job.

    Summary: 'Phone damaged beyond repair'.