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Supercheap Auto - Pioneer 2DIN AV Bluetooth DVD Player $357


I bought one of these great units for my Honda CRV.
Plays well with iPhone, Android
$242 saving from RRP

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Supercheap Auto
Supercheap Auto

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    Model in title or at least description please (AVHX2650BT)


    does it work with steering wheel controls?

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      Yep, you'll just need to buy an adaptor cable to suit your cars wiring harness. Just do an eBay search for "Pioneer Steering <insert car make here>" I've fitted a few of the DAB+ version of this unit (looks identical) into a Toyota, a Suzuki and a Mistubishi and easily found adaptor cables for each.

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    no apple car play….


    features would also be nice:

    does have Bluetooth, but no GPS…I'll stick with the ebay deals… had one for about 5 years now in one of the cars… still goes well…


      wisc, which ebay deals are you referring to?? any good recommendation on a unit with GPS/touchscreen/revserve cam? Thanks

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        Bought a few from these guys over the years. Most recent purchase was an Android unit for my VW Tiguan. Simple can't praise this unit enough. So cool having an Anroid deck in your car with an OBDII dongle.


        I recently purchased an Eonon G2110 headunit and I would say it is worth especially for the price compared to the mainstream units. All china headunits are pretty much rebadged, with just a few main manufacturers.

        Have a read on XDA, there's plenty of useful information (nearly 1000 pages worth). Root your android head unit and you can pretty much do anything for car AV.

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      Horses for courses I guess. I don't use GPS in my own city generally. I try not to rely on that. I just google maps it on my phone before I leave. That way I learn better. Car GPS is often worse than google maps on a phone also.

      The other thing is sound quality. Many units have a long list of features, but the software is dodgy and the digital to analogue converters and other circuitry is of low quality so the sound is not as good. That's why you'd find some lesser featured units selling for far more money. It's not the only reason, and some are a rip off, but if you bought a china-spec head unit, you're basically guaranteed to have a massive list of features but rubbish quality software and hardware. Long booting times, slow response, errors, short lifespan and low quality sound.

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    Be aware that these (and the Sony) video units are a HUGE PITA to encode video for to be played via usb. They state Divx for Pioneer but you have to spend forever re-encoding the source material to be something in the right dimensions/bitrate/format for the Pioneer (or Sony) to actually play them, and often it will letterbox everything (even stuff that's already 16:9). It's basically hit and miss. Yes I've tried most software encoders (Imtoo Video Converter is one of the better ones) and done lots of experiments. Pioneer won't reply to queries on the correct bitrate etc.

    My Pioneer unit died after 2 years (the connections on the mainboard for inputs like reversing camera, and outputs like video out stopped working), which is why I bought the Sony, thinking it would be much less fussy on video from usb as it supported more formats, but no, it's just as fussy and I've given up and just burn dvd's of music vids instead.

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    If I buy one again it needs to have a volume knob, the cheap chinese one I have irks me as volume up and down is slow pushbutton like the link above, which kinda looks like crap anyway.

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      Agreed, button volume control is annoying and dangerous

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      Definitely agree. A knob is the best for volume. Really makes a difference.
      It's all these little things that make a car stereo IMO, so you need to keep all these in mind when buying one.


    I bought an android (4.2) head unit about 2 months ago and pretty happy with it. A few quirks so I wouldn't recommend it unless you're a DIY'er and know what you're doing.

    - it has bluetooth but I can't pair anything besides a phone. I wanted to pair a trackpad but no go :( Theres not even a config setting in settings for it! It's a very basic customised android menu.
    - it takes about 30seconds to boot. This is forever when I'm used to instant music as soon as I start my car.
    - I specifically purchased one with the least number of hard buttons, just volume knob, home, menu and back. I wish I got one with play, skip and programmable buttons to jump to favourite apps. Touchscreen is a bit fiddly to use when driving
    - I had to reset it but then it lost GPS apps. I never got them back but installed another app that thankfully worked. Not all GPS apps I tested worked.

    Things I like about it:
    - android! and the google play store. So many apps available. Music players, video players, internet radio, DAB (using usb receiver), DVB (using usb receiver), etc.
    - I got one with a 1024x600 screen.
    - GPS
    - bluetooth handsfree
    - good sound quality

    For the price I paid, $379 I'm pretty happy with it. And the quirks with mine might just be limited to the model I got. But it was hard to find one with 1024x600 at that price.