New Fence Required - Sydney - Other suggestions for furniture/kitchen redesign will be great.

Any one know a good quality supplier for fences in Sydney?

I have no idea whether what type of fence I want, but I just need the fence to be a bit higher so people will not sit on it and will need some one to suggest the price/look.

Also I would like some ideas on Furniture places/Kitchen designers etc- I just bought a house, so lots to do and limited cash flow

Everything I believe should be durable and not that bad quality.

Thanks for reading this.


  • How much time do you have? I have been working on renovating my house since end of Jan. There is still heaps to do. So far I have only decided on a Ikea kitchen, mostly because they are cheaper than whatever you can get out there and they had the $200 voucher for every $1000 spent promo. Pros about Ikea: if you want complete control over where everything will go in your kitchen and how everything will look. Cons, I probably made about 5 trips back to ikea to tweak the design, each time, there's about 1-2 hour wait before you get to see a consultant. The waiting time is a little bit shorter during the week, but not much, since they have more consultants working in the weekend. If any one of the pieces of your new kitchen is out of stock, you will need to wait for it to come back in stock. It is best to pay and take the pieces that are in stock first, because if you wait for the out of stock piece to come back in stock, another piece might go out of stock.

    Re: Kitchen quality, as other people has pointed out in my kitchen thread, I think mid-range will probably be good enough. You may be tempted to splurge on a good quality kitchen that last 20 years, but have you seen kitchens from the 1990s? Ewww…

    Re: fencing, I didn't have a clue what I wanted when I started, but I started looking at other people's fences. I think I have decided on what fence I want after looking at other people's fences for a while. You could try that.

    • Thanks- 1990's were the kitchen's that bad? I look at 1950's and 60's and 80's and i go EWW>. _ and thanks for your reply- sorry I took so long to respond- Takes guts to look @ comments from Ozbargain

  • Covenants usually set out rules on fence heights and visibility. Is this front fence or side fence? I have Good neighbour fence 1.8m on both sides, and lapped and capped 1.8m to the rear.
    Front of the property has 1ft high concrete running along the border of the property, then concrete pillars at regular intervals, with wooden slats connecting between the slats.

  • Don't know if it's done here or not but some folk back in the UK would smash up some glass bottles then put the sharp pieces facing up in a cement mix on the top of your wall/fence.

    Not sure of the legalities of this but it sure stops people sitting there. ;)

    • May get sued -But thanks for your idea also dont' want dead birds there (ie what if the bird is half dying lands on the sharp bits then subsequently dies??? I really dont' want to touch a dead bird (thats not cooked, and I dont' want to cook)